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Abalone Ranching
Prospective producer of pink and red abalone at Point Loma, San Diego. Project information and contacts.

Acadian Seaplants Limited
Manufacturer of natural, specialty fertilizers, crop biostimulants, feed, food, food ingredients and brewery supplies derived from select species of marine plants.

Amatikulu Aquarium Plants
Amatikulu Aquarium Plants, Quality Aquatic and Amphibious plants for aquariums. Detailed information of aquarium plants, their growth, propagation and maintenance as well as photos and plants for sale. Based in South Africa.

Aqua Technologies Group Inc.
Researches and develops practical techniques for producing and culturing aquatic organisms.

Lake Restoration Inc.
For over 20 years, Lake Restoration, Inc has provided lake and pond management products and services including goose fencing, weed and algae control, alum treatments for the US and Canada. Provide products and services aimed at improving both lake and pond weed control.

The SuperSmolt process creates ideal conditions to naturally activate the adaptive process that allows salmon to move from freshwater to saltwater. An aquatic life sciences company that develops and licenses innovative solutions addressing the critical problems faced by the aquaculture industry including an adaptive process that allows salmon to move from freshwater to saltwater according to production requirements and independent of season.

Maritime Farming Enterprises
Maritime Farming Enterprises, Shetland. Live fish transportation, Anchor handling, cage towing, and Salmon havesting. A Shetland based company providing services for the salmon industry including live fish transportation, towing cages and anchor handling, and harvesting.

Miami Aqua-culture Inc.
Livestock supplier and equipment purchasing agents for aquaculture companies, public aquaria and marine research groups.

Reed Mariculture Inc.
Produce marine microalgae concentrates as a food source for the world's aquaculture industry.

Seawater Forests Initiative
Dedicated to greening the desert coastlines of the world to generate wealth in poverty stricken areas, eliminate famine, and improve the global environment with sound technologies that use raw seawater for irrigating halophyte and aquaculture farms. Promoting the development of mangrove forests, as a sustainable and environmentally beneficial enterprise for economic development of coastal desert regions. Mission statement, press releases, contacts.

Tropica Aquarium Plants
Producer and distributor of aquarium plants, with comprehensive information on their care. Based in Denmark.

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