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AgAttack develops dispensers for applying beneficial insects and/or mites AND provides remote sensing analysis services to growers. Creates and markets products to release beneficial organisms for agriculture.

Natural mycorrhiza and biocontrol products for home and garden, greenhouse, nursery, production agriculture, restoration, landscape and interior plants.

AgSci Inc.
Produces agricultural soil biostimulants and nematode control additives.

Algea Seaweed Extracts
Algea seaweed extracts five principle effects on reducing plant stress. Offers seaweed extracts for use as plant treatments, to relieve plant stress and improve crop efficiency.

Applied Biochemists
Chelated copper and algae control technology.

Beneficial Bug Co.
Suppliers of predatory mites for pest control for commercial growers and home gardeners.

Beneficial Insectary
Beneficial Insectary - We are a Producer of Beneficial Insects for Better Pest Management. Beneficial Insectary is a producer of beneficial insects for those interested in a non chemical alternative to pest control.

Bicontrol Network
Bio-rational alternatives for agriculture, horticulture, commercial and residential use. Preventative management resources including bio-intensive pest control, organic farm and garden products, fertilizers, soil amendments, educational materials and global community feedback. Bio-rational alternatives for agriculture, horticulture, commercial and residential use.

Bioethanol Plant Manufacturers Europe
BioCnergy Europa B.V. is a leading global provider of biofuel, biodessel, and bioethanol plant designing, processing, & manufacturing services in Europe, Russia, & Ukraine.

Biological Control of Weeds
Biological Control of Weeds, Inc., is the nation's leading supplier of live insects for non-chemical control of rangeland and pasture weeds. Supplier of live insects for non-chemical control of rangeland and pasture weeds.

These spider mite predators are useful for controlling spider mites in greenhouses, ornamentals and field crops. Producers of Benemite: natural enemies for management of spider-mites in greenhouses, field crops, fruit & nut trees and home gardens.

Manufacturer of antibiotic feed additives and pharmaceuticals for farm animals and pets.

BioWorks develops, produces and sells biological products for the control of plant diseases in agricultural food and fiber crops, ornamental crops and turf.

Buglogical Beneficial Insect Catalog
Buglogical organic gardener's beneficial insect reference catalog provides solutions to pest control problems for chemical-free gardening, landscaper, farmer, and greenhouse. Source for ladybugs and natural beneficial insects for pest and disease elimination. Natural beneficial insects and information to control pests, and disease without using poisonous chemicals and insecticide in your organic gardening, farming and greenhouse.

Canadian Bio-Systems Inc.
Manufactures enzymes, microbals, flavors and enhancers for aquaculture, livestock and poultry.

Cooper Mill Ltd.
COOPER MILL LTD is a Canadian company with 20 yrs of commercial experience in the supply of biological and chemical pest control products and has an extensive network of sales and distribution as well as field-testing expertise. Suppliers of biological and chemical control products for insect and vegetation management.

Country Fare, LLC
Specializing in natural, organic, and environmentally friendly fertilizers, mulches, and pest control.

A biotechnology company focused on discovering environmentally safe and effective methods of nematode control.

Eco-Grow New Zealand Limited
Supplier of microorganisms and bacterias for use in all forms of agriculture. Offering sole import and distributorship agencies of Eco-Grow products in selected countries.

Oil spill cleanup, soil remediation, waste water treatment, hydrocarbon bioremediation, algae control. All natural feed supplements for livestock, horses. Organic fertilizers.

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