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Abrex Paint and Chemical Ltd.
Manufacture coatings for metal strapping, coil applications, automotive and high heat resistant treatments. Products include alkyd, acrylic and polyester baking enamels, and water based enamels.

Ad-Chem Limited
Ad-Chem Limited provide chemicals for the paint industry. Offering contract manufacturing, blending, mixing, colouring of chemicals to both the uk and European to worldwide markets. Contract manufacturing and raw material sourcing for the surface coatings industry. Site includes product listing and pictures of equipment used for colorant addition.

Adamin Industries Ltd
Entry page to Adamin Industries web site. Leads to Home Page/ index page. Manufactures, markets and exports specialty polyurethane and epoxy coatings, adhesives and laminating resin systems for use in industrial-commercial applications and manufacturing processes. Product catalogue and technical data.

Aervoe-Pacific Company, Inc.
Aervoe-Pacific Company is a leading manufacturer of paints, specialty coatings, cleaners, lubricants, inverted marking and striping paints, MRO chemicals, and recycling equipment for industrial use. A manufacturer and marketer of paints, lubricants, cleaners, and coatings for industry. These products are packaged in liquid and pressurized containers.

Agoodco Inc.
We eliminate the risk of cobalt chloride in silica gel. There is a safe alternative! We also provide product searches for hard to find materials for painting and coatings.rust, mould growth, water vapour. Importer and distributor of dessicants, additives and dispersed pigments. Includes product data and material safety data sheets.

Akzo Nobel Industrial Coatings
Develop and manufacture high performance coating systems. Product lines include coil, wood, print finishing and paper, and architectural cladding coatings.

Alchemetal Corporation
Alchemetal patented a conductive, electroplatable, and solderable polymer coating for metals and plastics used in fuel cells, conductive ink, and electronics. Manufacture a polymer coating that transforms substrates into a conductive, electroplatable, and solderable surface. Includes technical data and application techniques.

Allied PhotoChemical
Manufacture UV curable paints, coatings, and inks. Products include one-part urethane-based paints for metals and plastics, acrylic primers, and urethane and epoxy-based coatings for wood. Includes white papers.

Aluminum Wheel Stripper/Aluminum Paint Stripper
Aluminum Wheel Strippers, Aluminum Powder Coating Strippers, Paint Removal

BASF Coatings AG
Manufacture a range of industrial paints and coatings. Product lines include automotive OEM and refinish, powder, coil and wood coatings. Includes a downloadable photo catalog.

Bernardo Ecenarro
Manufacture industrial and car refinish paints. Also produce paint mixing systems, hardeners, additives, and thinners. Includes technical and safety data sheets.

BryCoat Inc
BryCoat precision Titanium Nitride thin film coating service provides advanced PVD vacuum deposited hard coatings for medical devices, aerospace components, molds and dies, automotive, marine, industrial tooling, food processing and other precision applications. Supply titanium nitride thin film coatings .

Buckman Laboratories International, Inc.
Manufacture a range of products including microbicides, dispersants, defoamers, polymers, corrosion inhibitors, and chemical intermediates.

BYK-Chemie GmbH
Manufacture additives for use in the production of coatings, inks, and plastics. Product lines include wetting and slip agents, defoamers, viscosity depressants and rheological additives.

C.E. Bradley Laboratories, Inc.
Manufacture and sell coatings for the wood, metal, graphic arts, and plastic industries. Products include stains, varnishes, enamels, oxide primers, and UV curable coatings.

C.Paint.Inc. is a manufacturer of quality industrial Paint and Coatings. We manufacture a variety of waterbase and solventbase liquid coatings. C.P.Inc. is on the cutting edge of new product innovations with products like powder coatings and uv coatings. Our research and development team is poised to react to your specific coating needs. We can develop custom coatings to meet your process. Our technical support team has the skills and tools to assist you with your coatings process and equipment. Feel free to visit our service links page for information on coating application tips and our family of companies. Manufacture a range of waterbase and solventbase liquid industrial paints and coatings. Also supply powder and UV coatings. Includes application tips.

Chemco International
Chemco manufacture an extensive range of products which are designed to meet every corrosion and containment challenge. We offer unlimited technical support including free site survey, estimation, inspection and application assistance. Manufacture a range of solvent free and waterborne chemically resistent maintenance coatings for flooring, process equipment, and concrete repair and priming.

Conformal Coating Information and Resource Center
Advanced Coating the Parylene Specialists. Parylene coating services for all applications. Medical Parylene, Military Parylene and Commercial Parylene.Conformal Coating experts. MIL-I-46058C, type XY; ANSI/IPC-A-610B; ANSI/IPC-CC-830; ISO 9002. . Information, specifications, research and applications relating to conformal coating for the aerospace, military, commercial electronics and medical industries.

Custom Finishes, Inc.
Custom packager of paints and industrial products, including custom matched touch up paints in aerosol or brush top bottles.

Cytec Industries Inc.
Manufacture crosslinking resins for automotive OEM, general industrial, can, coil, wood, metal finishing, and appliance coatings applications. Includes a range of technical data in pdf format.

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