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Free url submission, search engines & link pages specialized in pest and environmental management, timber restoration, associations and resources as well as distributors, news, training and products. Search engines and link pages specialized in pest control and environmental management associations and resources as well as distributors, news, training and products.

Buyers Guide for Chemicals is a directory of chemicals, chemical suppliers and producers. More than 90,000 products, 170,000 supply sources and 3,000 company addresses. Search for free.. Contains more than 80.000 product names and 3.000 adresses of suppliers. Search by product name or search by CAS registry number.

Chemcompass - chemicals, products, companies - the chemistry database. The buyersguide for manufacturers and traders of the chemical trade. Search for companies, product entries, product lines, brand names. The database for the chemical industry. Search in over 20,000 products, 2,000 companies, brands, EINECS or CAS-numbers, and detailled company information.

Chemical Advisory Service
The CHEMICAL ADVISORY SERVICE produce a range of Chemical Industry Publications, aimed at supplying details on the manufacture and trade of chemical and related products. Directories of chemical manufacturers and traders for Australia and New Zealand and chemical manufacturers for the Asia Pacific region.

Chemical Alliance Network
World chemical information and business leads directory.

Chemical Browser
Chemical Browser is the ultimate tool for researching and tracking companies in the Chemical industry. Company research and business information tool for the chemical industry.

Chemical Industry Search Engine.
ChemiSearch.com is the world largest chemical industry search engine.

Chemical World
hazardous chemical chemical industry chemical safety Chemical. A portal which guides you through the world of chemical industry.

The Wyith corporate home page, information about Wyith, its products and services and its brands, including Avantek, DomainAvenue, Banana, Multilinguals, Country Level Domains, Mercaderia, HK ISP, HK OEM, Syndicated News, Socialism, Commentary. Chemical products distribution service. All chemicals available for immediate secure service shipment. Chemical news and hourly updates.

Chemicals Australia
Australia's chemical industry, its markets, organisations, regulations and other information to help you do business with this part of the world. Provided by ACTED Consultants.

Chemicals HeadQuarters
ChemicalsHQ has chemical industry news, events and supplier information. Find chemical supply products such as compounds, plant equipment, processing equipment as well as industrial chemical services. Directory of industrial chemicals and chemical products including induced and forced air coolers, halogenated compounds, distilling equipment, and foundry resins.

Chemindustry.com, Inc.
ChemIndustry.com is the search engine of the chemical world. The best place for chemists and chemical industry professionals to find chemicals, equipment, services and chemical resources. Includes chemicals, chemical companies, engineering, and process equipment. Search tool for products, services, and information.

Chemkey - The Chemical Portal
Database of companies. USA.

ChemNet.com: trade chemicals and negotiate deals through the Global Chemical Exchange; search FREE directory and database of chemicals and chemical manufacturers; distribute your offers or demands to the worldwide chemical industry; find chemical suppliers and business leads. Directory and supplier listings for petrochemicals, oils, solvents, gas and raw materials. Chemical supplier database allows for searching by product or company and within a specific country.

Comprehensive directory and guide to the chemical industry in the fourteen countries of the Southern African Development Community.

FREE database of Chinese chemicals & manufacturers, online chemical trade BBS and newsletter, BEST of its kind in China. Provides free access to a database of chemicals and companies of China and other Asian countries, with a trading message board and newsletter.

Sourcing commercially available fine chemicals at FineChemSource.com through chemical products network of over 10,000 fine chemicals manufactured by over 1,000 companies. Commercially available fine chemicals and chemical intermediates from our database which contains over thousands of products produced by over 500 companies primarily in East Asia.

First Directory
A guide to Uk companies by both product and company search. Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals listed.

Hamlet Information Services Ltd.
Chemextra lists 100,000 products from 35,000 suppliers from over 100 countries. Search by product or supplier to source the product you need.

India Chemical Exporters
chemical exporters and manufacturers of India. Exporters of chemicals for leather and rubber industry, manufacturers of chemicals for electroplating, X-ray, paper, suppliers of industrial chemicals and intermediates, wholesalers of water treatment chemical in india.. Database of Indian chemical exporters and manufacturers. Also offers a brief overview of chemical and allied industries in India.

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