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Aavid Thermal Technologies
Visit the home page of one of the three major businesses that comprise Aavid's Total Integrated Solution for Cooling Electronics. Manufacturer of thermal management devices including heatsinks and heat pipes.

Advanced Thermal Solutions
Engineering services and product development for thermal management and electronics cooling: includes product information; online Questions and Answers; and sales representative contact information.

Airedale International Air Conditioning LTD.
Airedale air conditioning and air conditionesr systems have great new air conditioning design that we use in our new air conditioning systems in south africa. our air conditioner systems are now for sale. Designs and manufactures a wide range of air conditioning products for a world-wide market.

Alpha Novatech
Alpha Company Ltd. Home Page -- Introduction of high performance heat sink made by MicroForging. Manufacturer of precise cold forged parts used as high performance heatsinks. Online catalog and online shopping offering: pin fin, elliptical fins, high aspect ratio and thin fin heat sinks.

Ametherm, Inc.
Manufacturer of NTC thermistors and inrush current limiters.

AOS Thermal Compounds
AOS Thermal Compounds manufactures/supplies silicone and non-silicone thermal compounds (thermal pastes, thermal greases, heatsink compounds). Line includes applications for extreme temperatures, high thermal conductivity, and new sprayable technology. Manufacture thermal interface materials; non-silicone and silicone thermal greases, heat sink compounds and high temperature thermal grease.

Applied Material Technologies
Custom thermal management products for high performance data processing systems and electronics packaging for high reliability space, military and commercial applications. Specializing in custom thermal management products for high performance data processing systems and electronics packaging for high reliability space, military and commercial applications.

Arctic Silver, Inc.
Makes several thermal compounds.

Avatar Instruments
Avatar Instruments, located outside Philadelphia, manufactures and distributes high-quality SCR power controls at competitive prices. We provide fast delivery of all in-stock power controllers. Avatar is also able to provide custom-designed SCRs for any application. Manufacturer of proportional controls for industrial electric heaters.

Bomac Electric Limited
Bomac Electric Limited - Specialist manufacturers of heating elements and electrical assemblies. Specialty manufacturer of heating elements and electrical assemblies.

Caliente, LLC
Caliente is a manufacturer of heating elements and systems for outdoor cabinets, enclosures and kiosks. The company offers complementary pad/mat style heaters for spot heating, and forced convection heaters for heating an entire enclosure and its content. Manufacturer of thick film heating elements.

Canadian Thermostats and Control Devices Ltd.
Supplying bi-metal and thermal sensor products for transformers and power supplies, motor protectors, small appliances, heaters-fan, radiant humidifiers, automotive ballasts, medical equipment.

Chhaperia Electro Components Pvt. Ltd.
Manufacture electrical heating element based on mica, micanite, Quartz tube and Nomex paper for domestic appliances.

World Leaders in EMI Shielding and Thermal Management. Worldwide supplier of thermal interface materials (TIMs) and applications support for electronics: product information; contact information for sales representatives and distributors.

Chromalox, Inc.
Chromalox Industrial is the world's leading manufacturer of electric heating components, temperature controls, power controls, sensors, and complete turnkey systems. Chromalox Industrial serves the commercial and industrial markets including end users, original equipment manufacturers, re-sellers, and government. Whether your process is air, gases, liquids, or solids Chromalox Industrial offers more solutions to your heating and control challenges with the broadest line, largest stock, and best application assistance. Name your heating problem. The answer is the first name in electric heat- Chromalox. Manufactures heaters, sensors, heat tracers, and process and power controls.

Chwen-Der Electric & Co., Ltd
Manufacturer of thermostats.

Cold Air Products
Portable air conditioning and spot coolers. Made in the USA, Cold Air Products' american made spot coolers are perfect for cooling computer server rooms and more. Available as rentals or for purchase. Portable air conditioning spot coolers. Products are perfect for cooling computer server rooms. Available as rentals or for purchase.

Cotherm North American
Cotherm NA is a supplier of thermostats used for control -and hi-limit applications. These include all kinds of water heaters, boilers, refigeration, commercial cooking and medical equipment. See our special on pools and spas. A supplier of thermostats used for control -and hi-limit applications. These capillary thermostats are used in all kinds of water heaters, boilers, refrigeration, commercial cooking, medical equipment, pools and spas.

D6 Industries, Inc.
D6 Industries is a thermal products company including heat sinks, interface materials, thermal compounds, grease and fans. Manufacturer of thermal management products for cooling power semiconductors. Including thermal compounds, heatsink grease, insulators, extrusions, bonded fin heatsinks and liquid cold plates.

Dantherm HMS
Dantherm is one of the worlds leading suppliers of air handling solutions for companies, industries, swimming pools and private homes. . Manufactures industrial indoor and outdoor air conditioners and heat exchangers for cooling enclosures, shelters, and cabinets that house telecommunications, electronics, and electrical equipment.

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