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Achray Photonics
Manufacturer of optoelectronic packaging solutions and low loss optical switches also offering FEA modeling and design services.

Adamant fibre optics products, ferrules, capillaries, sleeves, connectors, adaptors, convertors, attenuators, glass v-grooves. Manufacturers passive fibre optics products including ferrules, capillaries, sleeves, connectors, adaptors, convertors, attenuators, glass v-grooves, metalized fibre and pigtails.

Advanced Photonix, Inc.
Advanced Photonix, Inc.,a leading supplier of innovative, silicon-based electro-optical products and technology solutions to a worldwide OEM customer base. Manufactures PIN and Avalanche photodiodes. API offers standard and custom hybridized packages, pcb assembly, and optoelectronic integration. Including arrays, Filtrode, IrDA, high speed photodetectors, and VCSEL monitoring diodes.

Aegis Electronic Group
CCD/CMOS cameras and other imaging products for industrial and machine vision, medical, security, biomedical, aerospace and videoconferening. Find cameras, lenses, and videoconferencing equipment - wholesale. Stocking distributor of imaging products for industrial and machine vision, including cameras and lenses. Site lists represented companies and product lists.

Aelis Photonics
Develops adaptive optical equalization products for optical networks.

APA Optics, Inc.
APA Enterprises, Inc. Advanced products for the fiber optic communications, optoelectronics and laser industries. Develops, designs and fabricates components and systems for the fiber optic communications, optoelectronics and laser industries. Overview, history, facilities, employment opportunities, contact information.

Apac Opto Electronics Inc.
Manufactures components for fiber optic and wireless communication industries. Product line comprises selection of electro-optic and transreceiver modules. Site incorporates displayed and downloadable technical details. From Taiwan.

Associated Opto-electronics
Manufacturer, sales of semiconductor laser, diodes, detectors, fiber communication modules and other Opto-electronic products.

Avalon Photonics Ltd.
Avalon Photonics is a dynamic producer of multimode and single mode short wavelength VCSEL or VCSEL-arrays. Develops and manufacture semiconductor high speed vertical cavity surface emitting laser (VCSEL) arrays and other optoelectronic products. From Switzerland.

Bentham, The Light Measurement Company, offers nearly 30 years experience in the manufacture and supply of standard instruments and custom systems for applications involving light measurement. Manufacture systems used in the study and measurement of light.

Biolitec AG
A leading Laser and Fiber Company: BioLitec develops and produces medical laser systems, fiber optic laser delivery systems and light activated drugs for new cosmetic and medical applications. Developer and manufacturer of diode lasers, optical fibres and accessories.

Bookham Technology
Manufactures integrated optical components in silicon via ASOC: transceiver modules and receivers, DWDM and sensor applications.

BPA Consulting Ltd
A venture capital, private equity and corporate investor with technology and market presents in the field of electronics and optoelectronic hardware.

Cal Sensors Inc.
Cal Sensors, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of infrared detectors, infrared sensors, infrared emitters, infrared sources, infrared arrays and PbS and PbSe, Lead Selenide and Lead Sulfide detectors, emitters and arrays. Manufacturer of stock and customized infrared detectors (PbS and PbSe), multi-color arrays, mini infrared sources, cap/window assemblies, gas cell kits.

Centro Vision Inc.
Manufacturer of photodiodes and related opto-elctronics for OEM, medical instrumentation, aerospace and defense, industrial controls, scientific instrumentation, telecommunications and semiconductor equipment.

Certeion Photonics, Inc.
Manufacturing and qualification testing to Telcordia standards for customers making fiber optic devices for telecommunication network.

CID Technologies, Inc.
Manufacturer of solid state video cameras and imagers.

Clairex Technologies, Inc.
Manufacturers of a broad standard line of IREDs, LEDs, photoconductors, phototransistors, photodarlingtons, photo-ICs, photointerrupter assemblies, optocouplers, arrays, and hybrids.

CyOptics Inc.
Manufacturing of 10Gbps and 40Gbps stand-alone devices, as well as hybrid super components.

DCE Holne R&D
Specialist opto engineers, product development, prototyping and consultancy. Founded in 1988 specifically to research, develop and produce innovative small-sized, high quality components for electrical and mechanical applications. DCE Holne (R&D) are based in Kingsbridge, South Devon. Specialist optoelectronic engineers, product development, prototyping and consultancy.

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