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A. Damiano & Company
manufacturer and exporter of pole line hardwares, fuse cutouts, telecommunication accessories, insulator accessories, ABC Accessories, helical fittings, conductor accessories etc. Manufacturers and exporters of transmission and distribution materials.

AAA Acme General Electrical
National Supplier of quality brand name electric power transformers including Acme and GE. Distributeing a wide variety of high quality single and three phase electrical transformers daily from regional warehouses at wholesale prices. Main models include step up,step down, buck boost, high voltage transformers, isolation transformers, distribution pourpose and more. Read about Electrical Transformer models, power transformer models and distribution transformers. Distributor of power transformers including Acme and GE.

Acksen Ltd
Acksen. Manufacturer of voltage loggers and voltage detectors for Electric Power Utilities and General Industry specializing in interruption loggers, voltage recorders, personal voltage alarms, non-contact voltage detection, live line (HV) detection, telemetry and magnetic field detection.

Acme Electric Corporation
Acme Electric Corporation stands at the forefront of electrical and electronic power conservation technology with advanced products for the most challenging applications. Manufacturers transformers for power distribution applications and custom batteries and battery controls for aerospace applications. (Nasdaq: ACEE).

Adhunik Power Systems Pvt. Ltd.
Provides both monitoring systems and engineering services to utilities and major users customers offering power conditioning, lightning and surge protection.

AMES Impex Electicals Pvt. Ltd.
ames impex can manufacture cast resin, dry type resin imp regnated transformers with a capacity of up to 3000 KVA with a voltage level of 35 KV and below. Manufacture cast resin, dry type resin imp regnated transformers with a capacity of up to 3000 KVA with a voltage level of 35 KV and below.

Amptec Pty Ltd
Maintain, rewind, overhaul and sell distribution type power transformers.

Applied Precision Ltd
Research, development and production of measuring devices for the electricity distribution industry . Products include automated test equipment for electricity meters, power analyzers and coulometry .

Ashok Transformers Pvt. Ltd.
Surat (Gujarat, India) based quality conscious company manufacturing powertransformers, distribution transformers, special purpose transformers, autotransformers, furnance transformers, dry type transformers, wind milltransformers, auxilliary transformers upto 20 MVA, 132 KV for over 3decades. Currently in the process of acquiring ISO Certification isinterested in collaboration. The company is also interested to manufacturetransformers in buy-back collaboration schemes. Manufacturer of power and distribution station transformers, furnace and special purpose transformers up to 20 MVA. India.

Avator Technology
Manufacture products related power transmission such as organic insulator for high-tension transmission and high voltage cables. From Argentina.

AVO Power Services, Inc.
AVO Power Services, Inc. field installation, maintenance and repair of power transformers and circuit breakers. Field service on power transformers and circuit breakers including testing, assembling, oil processing and leak repair.

Bajeria Industries
Manufacturers of HRC Fuses,Copper Braided & Laminated flexible Jumpers/copper shunts/kickless connecters/air cooled & water cooled cables, and other switchgear products. Manufacturers of HRC fuses up to a breaking capacity of 80 KA. From India.

Boddingtons Electrical Limited
Manufacturers of electrical safety products and electrical control and monitoring equipment.

Brooks Manufacturing Company
Manufacturers distribution crossarms and transmission structure framing.

Cam Tran Transformers
Cam Tran manufacture, oil-filled distribution transformers, repair, refurbish, remanufacture, and service 5 through 1500 kva, transformers. CamTran offers all of these services on pole, pad, submersible, vault, structure, step up/down, and specialty transformers. Cam TranCo. Ltd. is a privately owned Canadian company located in Colborne, Ontario. Manufacturer and refurbish oil-filled distribution transformers for global utility/power corporations, and contractor/developers.

Cardinal Pumps
Manufacturer of transformer oil valves, transfer oil pumps for transformers and re-manufactured pumps.

Corona Detection Camera for Electrical Utilities Predictive Maintenance
Enhance your utility predictive maintenance: locate faults of insulators & high voltage components by detecting corona, partial discharges & arcing on hv transmission & distributuion lines & in substations.

Critter Guard Inc.
Critter Line and Pole Guard are innovative products that help reduce the number of animal caused power outages. Protect substations, transformers, and poles from squirrel caused power outages.

Crompton Greaves Ltd.
Designs and manufacturers electrical equipment to meet the requirements of electrical substations.

Crossarm, Inc.
Crossarm Inc. - Manufacturers of high quality composite polymer products for the Power Distribution Industry. Our composite Crossarms, Stand-Off Brackets, and Braces are flexible, lightweight, durable, safe and recyclable. Manufacturers of composite polymer products for the power distribution industry.

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