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Manufacturer of electronic components such as inductors, coils, and other magnetics.

A1 transformers
Transformer manufacturer uk, bespoke transformers uk, customer transformers uk, . Transformers made to order in days, from 1VA to 750KVA.

Aakash Electricials
Maker of small power transformers, coils, and power transformers. From India

Abc Taiwan Electronics
Manufacturer of inductive and magnetic components. From Taiwan.

Actown Electrocoil and Industrial Coils
Actown Electrocoil and Industrial Coils custom transformers and coils, neon transformers and chip inductors. Manufacturer of industrial coils and high voltage transformers.

AEM, Inc.
Manufacturer of ferrite beads, ferrite inductors, ceramic inductors, and high-reliability fuses.

Altran Corporation
As designers and manufacturers of quality magnetic components, Altran provides many facets of the electronics industry with an array of bobbin, toroidal and printed circuit-type transformers and inductors. Designs and manufacturers all varieties of transformers and inductors.

AM Transformers
AM Transformers - UK manufacturers and distributors of quality transformer products. UK manufacturers and distributors of transformers and related products.

Amecon, Inc.
Manufacturer of magnetic components including chokes and coils, inductors, cores, filters, relays, transformers and ballasts, current sensors and instrumentation products.

Anla Technology Co., Ltd.
We are a professional manufacturer of surface mount wire wound EMC components and multilayer chip beads / chip inductors, taiwan, ANLA TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. Manufacturer of surface mount wire wound EMC components, multilayer chip beads and inductors, SMD power inductors, line filter, choke coils, and SMT radial type coil.

Aqsa Stamping
manufacturers of transformer lamination stamping, e & I, toroidal core, electrical stamping, india. Manufacturer of transformer laminations: E&I, toroidal core. From India.

Audio Transformers Shinrock
manufacture for all kinds of audio transformers for tube amplifiers, lot of information and formulas for measuring and calcution of Audio Transformers. Manufacturer of audio transformers for tube amplifiers. Technical information and formulas for design and measurement.

Australian Tortech Transformers
Tortech Toroidal Transformers. Global manufacturer and distributor of toroidal and conventional transformers, chokes and plug packs located in Sydney, Australia.

Specialist in the manufacture of transformers, power supplies and EMC filters.

Bomag USA, LLC
BOMAG designs and manufactures custom electro magnetic devices such as transformers, coils, inductors, reactors, solenoids, electro-magnets, rotary transformers and transducers. Design and manufacturing of electromagnetic devices.

Canduct Industries Limited
Insulation components for oil-filled and distribution transformers. Manufacturer of insulation components and cylinder kits for oil-filled electrical transformers.

CET Technology
Manufacturer of Power, audio, and telecom transformers as well as inductors, chokes, toroids, linear and switching power supplies. Manufacturer of power, audio, and telecom transformers, inductors, chokes, toroids, linear and switching power supplies.

Chint Transformer Co.,Ltd.
Manufacturer of power transformers, rectifier transformers, auto negative boosting starters, motor soft-starters and frequency sensitive rheostats.

Chirk Industry Co., Ltd.
designer and manufacturer of high voltage transformers, high voltage switching power supplies, negative ion generators, ozone generators, and electrostatic precipitators. Manufacturer of high voltage transformers, high voltage switching power supplies, negative ion generators, ozone generators, and electrostatic precipitators.

Cletronics Inc.
Manufacture and repair/replacement of custom magnetics.

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