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Annual U.S. Hydrogen Conference
Annual meeting of the National Hydrogen Association, covering many of the emerging research and developments in hydrogen technologies, such as fuel cells, storage, and hydrogen production.

Arizona Hydrogen
Manufactures a range of gas generators for the production of hydrogen and oxygen .

California Hydrogen Business Council
International Clearinghouse for Hydrogen Based Commerce - Fighting the next oil war with hydrogen. Information on the technology which will replace fossil fuels: HYDROGEN ENERGY - and the companies creating a secure, clean and sustainable hydrogen economy. Offers hydrogen information with a slant on applications in California.

Energy Consultants, LLP
Offers business advisory services for harvesting revenue from fuel cell, hydrogen, wind power and other emerging energy or renewable energy technologies.

Fuel Cell Markets
The Fuel Cell Markets Global Information System aids with the development and commercialisation of Fuel Cell and Hydrogen technologies. Directory focusing on fuel cell technologies.

H2Gen Innovations Inc.
Dedicated to developing, manufacturing and bringing to market low-cost, small-scale hydrogen generators for industrial applications and for the emerging fuel cell vehicle and distributed fuel cell power generation markets.

Hydrogen Systems N.V. : Hydrogen energy
Stuart Energy is a world leader in supplying clean hydrogen fuel via water electrolysis for fuel cell vehicles and environmentally friendly energy applications. Custom-engineered hydrogen solutions.

Hydrogen Ventures
Hydrogen Ventures is a venture capital firm focused on high-growth investment opportunities arising from climate change, air quality concerns, increased energy demand, the restructuring of the global energy utility marketplace and technical innovations. Financing hydrogen and new energy technologies.

HydrogenSource -- Fuel processing for fuel cells
Manufacturer of natural gas, gasoline and other hydrocarbon reformers which produce hydrogen.

International Fuel Cells
Develops fuel cells and related fuel processing technologies for the transportation, stationary and portable markets. IFC fuel cells power plants provide power to the space shuttle orbiter fleet. IFC is a subsididary of United Technologies Corporation (UTX).

PowerNova Technologies Corporation
Develops and commercializes hydrogen production technology for fuel cells.

Proton Energy Systems Inc.
Proton Energy Systems is a world leader in Proton Exchange Membrane fuelcells and hydrogen generators. Proton's unique regenerative fuel cellsoffer the ability to capture and store energy with unparalleled cost-effectiveness. Proton's fuel cells and hydrogen generator units are in use in industry,electronics, energy storage and research. Manufacturer of proton exchange membrane (PEM) electrolyzers and fuel cell products.

Quantiam Technologies Inc.
Focused on the development and commercialization of new products for the hydrogen economy as well as extreme materials applications in the aerospace, automotive and chemical process industries.

Stuart Energy Systems
Stuart Energy is a world leader in supplying clean hydrogen fuel via water electrolysis for fuel cell vehicles and environmentally friendly energy applications. Provides onsite water electrolyzers, which use alkaline electrolysis to supply hydrogen for transportation, industrial and regenerative power applications.

The Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Investor
Hydrogen, fuel cells, and investing in an emerging technology - well organized links to the best information available on the internet. Weekly newsletter. Hydrogen, fuel cells, and investing in an emerging technology. Links to the information available on the Internet.

USMagneGas, Inc.
Magnegas, Magneliquid, PlasmaArcFlow, Hadronic Reactor, Nuclear Physics, Hadronic Physics, Physics, Fuel, Automobile fuels, Alternative Fuels, Clean Energy. Producers of Magnegas from liquid waste with Santilli PlasmaArcFlow Reactors producing clean burning Magnegas, heat, and irrigation water.

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