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Allied Feather & Down Co., Ltd
produce down materials and down quilt and down garments. China. Processors of hand and machine picked, white and grey, washed, sterilised and disinfected goose and duck down. Also, ready-made bedding products and garments. English and Chinese.

De Vries Feather and Down BV
De Vries produces feathers and down andprotein for industries worldwide. The Netherlands. Processors and traders in chicken, duck and goose feathers and down for bedding and upholstery. Also, hydrolysed feather meal. Part of the Beuth Group. English, Dutch and German.

Feather Industries, Ltd
Canada. Processors of down and feathers for outdoor garment and leisure products, and bedding industries. Short descriptions of properties and processing stages. English and French.

Interplume SA
France. Collection and processing of goose and duck feathers and down for the bedding, furniture and clothing industries. Distribution of blends according to European standards.

Xinlong Down Co., Ltd
engages in producing various feather, down and correlative products. . China. Processors of duck and goose feather and down for bedding, furnishing, sleeping bag and outerwear filling applications. Also, ready-made outerwear. English and Chinese.

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