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Alfredo Motta Spa
Motta Alfredo, since 1912 tannery for leather and garments, milano. Italy. Tanneries for ovine and goat skins for the garment, footwear, bags and accessories industries. Suede, nappa, shearling, embossed and screen printed, and a variety of pattern finishes. Descriptions of manufacturing processes and products. English, Italian, Russian, Chinese and Korean.

Andrew Muirhead, Ltd
UK. Group of tanneries of high-performance cow leathers for upholstery applications in contract and residential markets. History, properties and manufacturing processes of leather. Care and maintenance guides.

Awlaad EL Saeedypopular
Egypt. Leather and skin tannery.

Processing and distribution of a large variety of leathers and suedes for the clothing industry. Also, leather garments and accessories. Link to list of trade fairs. English and Italian.

Conceria Tolio Spa
Conceria tannery Gerberei produzione commercio pellami per calzature pelletteria arredamento-production trade of leather for footwear leathergood furniture. Italy. Tanners of cow leathers for the garment, luggage and bags, footwear and furniture industries. English, Italian and German.

Conceria Zini Spa
Chrome tanned leathers for use in a wide range of industries. E-commerce section, trade fairs, and links to industry resources. English and Italian.

Cudahy Tanning Co
Cudahy Tanning Company websites provide company information, along with products and process. USA. Tanning of cow hides for the footwear, sports goods, luggage, bags and accessories industries. Detailed description of tanning process. List of trade fairs. Password protected customer area.

Custom Leather Finishing Co
Custom, exotic, cowhide, leather for use in: upholstery, seating, interior design, yachts, automotive, marine, restoration, refurbishing. USA. Half and whole hides of custom-designed cowhide for upholstery, interior restoration, refurbishment of residential, commercial, automotive, yachts and interior furnishings.

Dong Ho Co., Ltd
Korea. Embossed, decorated and dyed, split suede leathers for the footwear, bags and upholstery industries, from cow and steer hides. English and Korean.

E.H. Hall Westfield Tanning Co
USA. Employee owned company. Vegetable tanned cattle leathers for footwear, apparel and sporting goods. Information on tanning process. Links to related sites.

East Hides Group
The East Hides Group is regarded as one of the top Hide and Skin organisations in Europe and is well known and respected throught the world. Specialising in hides and skins from Africa, Europe and Russia and the C.I.S. . UK. Multi-national group of hides and skin tanneries. Also, inporters and wholesale distribution. Extensive product information with links to daughter companies. Links to related sites.

Elmo Group
Sweden. Multi-national tanners and processors of anniline leathers for upholstey and automotive applications. Technical specifications. Product comparison charts. Product information, searchable by color and text. English, Swedish and German.

The Netherlands. Wholesale producers of leathers for upholstery, footwear, bags, belts and contract applications. Detailed product information. English and Dutch.

Foothills Leather Co., Inc
USA. Tanners of deer skins for footwear, garments and small goods. List of trade shows. Information on deer hunting.

Friitala of America
Friitala of America distributes the Finest Leathers used in upholstery industries. From home furnishings, automotive applications, aircraft, boating and more!. USA. Tanners of a variety of leathers for upholstery applications in residential, automotive, marine and transport markets. Also, distributors of name brand leathers.

Futura Leathers Spa
Tanners of leathers for garments and upholstery applications. On-line color chart.

Gebroeders Colle NV
Colle-Chamois - manufacturer and supplier of chamois leather and skiver leather, Europe and world scale. Belgium. Converters and tanners of sheepskins into chamoix for cleaning purposes, and skiver leathers for the garment, accessories, footwear and bookbinding industries.

Greenbaum, Rico y Daucourt SA
Argentina. Tanners of full grain, crust, buffed, split and printed cow leather for upholstery, apparel and accessories, and footwear. Detailed product information.

Hanson-Tower, Ltd
UK. Custom manufacturing of genuine leathers for the clothing, sports goods, luggage and bags, upholstery and accessories industries. Requires Flash plug-in to enter.

Hermann Oak Leather Co
Hermann Oak Leather Co., a Premium Heavyweight Leather Manufacturer - Established in 1881, supplies natural vegetable tanned leathers to the Equestrian, Craft, Holster, & Personal Goods manufacturers. USA. Chrome and vegetable tanning of steer hides for upholstery, footwear, saddles and harnesses, and garment accessories. Also, ready-made products and prices. List of trade shows and distributors. Extensive leather specification guide.

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