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American Nonwovens Corppopular
USA. Manufacturers of resin bonded, needlepunch and spunbond roll goods for consumer products, hygiene and medical, industrial and specialty applications. Technical information.

Amoco Deutschland GmbH
Carded and thermobonded, and spunbond fabrics for hygiene disposables applications, from polypropylene. Also, polymer films for specialty apparel, and hygiene, medical and industrial uses.

AS Valmieras
Latvia. Manufacturers of glassfiber, yarns and fabrics. Needlepunch and stitchbond nonwovens for industrial applications. Also, glassfiber reinforcement fabrics. English, Latvian and Russian.

Atlanta Nisseki Claf, Incpopular
Atlanta Nisseki Claf Inc. manufactures Claf fabric, a heat sealable polyethylene scrim which laminates easily to reinforce films, papers, foils and other substrates. USA. Heat sealable, cross laminated nonwoven open mesh fabric for packaging and reinforcement of films, papers, foils and other substrates from polyethylene. Technical specifications and list of applications. Part of Nippon Petrochemical Co., Ltd.

Baiksan Co., Ltd
Korea. Needlepunch artificial leather substrates, from polyester, polyamide and viscose. Also, spunlace fabrics for wet and dry wipes, from viscose, polyester, cotton and blends. English and Korean.

BFF Nonwovenspopular
BFF Nonwovens-Manufacturer of non woven fabrics and nonwoven finished goods. UK. Versatile, multi-national nonwovens manufacturing company. Carded and dry-laid, thermal and chemical bond, and spunbond technologies for the production of rollgoods for industrial and consumer applications. Custom design of specialty fabrics. Link to short descriptions of technologies. Part of the Lamont Group.

British Vita PLC
a world leader in specialist polymer technology. UK. Diversified multi-national group of manufacturing companies, active in industrial polymers and compounds, thermoplastic sheets, foams and nonwovens. High-loft, needlepunch and specialty nonwoven products for industrial and consumer uses.

Cavit Cicek Tekstil, Ltd
Turkey. Manufacturers of resin bonded, thermobond and needlepunch fabrics for apparel, footwear, geotechnical, automotive, hygiene and filtration applications, from polyester. English and Turkish.

The Netherlands. High-performance, polymer based nonwoven rollgoods, composites and three-dimensional products for flooring, automotive, construction and geosynthetic applications. Part of the Acordis Group.

De Saedeleir Textile Platform
Belgium. Versatile group of nonwovens and fiber manufacturing companies. Needlepunch and tufted carpets and carpet tiles. Technical felts and fabrics for geotextile applications. Natural and solution dyed staple fiber, from polyester and polypropylene. Bulk textured filament yarns. Nonwoven waddings for filling applications.

Elk Corp
USA. Diversified group of companies, active in roofing, construction products, textiles, nonwovens, chrome finishing and engineering services. Coated and uncoated nonwoven fabrics and products for a variety of technical and industrial applications, from polyester, polypropylene and fiberglass blends.

Enkev BV
The Netherlands. Multi-national nonwovens manufacturing company. Waddings and needlepunch fabrics and products for the bedding, furniture, filtration, insulation and packaging industries, from coir fiber and animal hair. Also, rubberised coir and natural latex products.

Fa-Ma Jersey
Italy. Nonwoven roll goods manufacturers, utilizing the needlepunch, thermobond, spunlace and chemical bonding technologies. Also, coating and laminating facilities.

Feltex, Ltd
South Africa. Diversified manufacturers of textile and nonwovens acoustic and trim components for the automotive industry. Also, flexible foams, rubber products, and industrial footwear.

Fiber Dynamics, Inc
USA. Specializes in the development and manufacture of engineered nonwovens for industrial, liquid filtration and automotive purposes. Also nonwoven fabrics and substrates for the fashion industry.

Fiberduk Nonwovens
Sweden. Fabrics for the automotive, hygiene, medical and fashion industries. The company uses the dry-laid needlepunch and spunlace processing technologies.

Fibertex AS
Denmark. Needlepunch and spunbond-meltblown-spunbond fabrics, for hygiene and personal care applications. Also, fabrics for geotechnical end uses.

Freudenberg Nonwovens
Freudenberg nonwovens for interlinings, filters, hygiene, medicine, automotive interiors, tuft, electrical industry, footwear, filtration, clothing, shoes and shoe components. Germany. Diversified, multi-national manufacturing corporation, with nonwoven products and technologies being its core activity. Spunbond, meltbond, needlepunch and carded web nonwoven products, fabrics and composites for medical, technical, fashion and industrial end uses.

Gordian Nonwovens Technology Co., Ltd
China. Thermally and spray bonded, needlepunch and stitchbond fabrics for apparel and bedding, artificial leather backing, geotechnical, filtration, automotive and cleaning applications. Detailed product specifications. English and Chinese.

Greatwall Nonwoven Fabrics Co., Ltd
specially engaged in supplying various kinds ofnon woven fabrics. We have ourproduction bases inChina. The annual output of PPspunbonded nonwovenis 12000 tons,needle punched is6,000,000m . China. Manufacturers of needlepunch, spunbond and spunlace nonwovens for geotechnical, artificial leather backing, medical and hygiene, agriculture and packaging applications, from viscose, polypropylene and blends. Specialty finishing services. Technical information and specifications.

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