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Aarti Group
India. Group of companies, active in the development and manufacture of basic bulk chemicals, dyestuffs and pigment intermediates, and chemicals and intermediates for the pharmaceutical, agricultural and rubber industries. Also, specialty chemicals, and custom manufacturing services. Comprehensive product catalog.

Akzo Nobel BV
The Netherlands. Multi-national manufacturing corporation, active in healthcare products, coating, chemicals, nonwovens and fibers. Resins and chemicals for the textile, nonwovens and papermaking industries.

Alpine Chemicals
Pakistan. Diversified manufacturing company, active in natural abrasive materials and chemicals. Textile chemicals, dyestuffs and auxiliaries for pre-treatment, dyeing, printing and finishing. Extensive product listings, with technical information.

Auxil Industries
India. Manufacturers of dyestuffs, thickeners, chemicals and auxiliaries for the textile industry. Also, natural guar gum for textile processes. Detailed product listings.

B.R. Vickers & Sons, Ltd
An independent company specialising in the development manufacture and worldwide marketing of a vast range of technical lubricants and oils for the textile & marine industries. UK. Development and manufacture of technical lubricants for the textile and marine industries. Lubricants, anti-static agents and spin finishes for carding, topmaking, yarn spinning, and warping and beaming. Also, ring and needle oils. List of world wide agents.

WWW-Server of BASF Group. Germany. Multi-national chemicals manufacturing corporation, active in fiber intermediates, nylon and melamine fibers, resins and finishing compounds for textile, nonwovens and industrial purposes. English and German.

USA. Worldwide, versatile manufacturing corporation, active in aerospace, performance materials and engineered industrial products. Binders, chemicals and compounds for the textile, papermaking and nonwovens industries.

Bluebell Polymers Pvt., Ltd
India. Manufacturers of synthetic resins for the paint, printing, inks, adhesives and surface coating industries. Product information and specifications. Links to partner companies.

Borden Chemical
USA. High-performance resins, adhesives, coatings and basic chemicals for a wide range of industrial applications. Melamine and phenolic liquid resins, and wax emulsions for the textile and nonwovens industries.

C. L. Hauthaway Corp
an innovative designer, manufacturer and marketer of advanced polyurethane dispersion polymers and specialty performance materials for the adhesives, coatings, leather finishing and textile finishing industries. USA. Design, development and manufacture of advanced polymers and finishing materials. Custom formulated adhesives for flocking, and back coatings and finishes for textiles, nonwovens and leather.

Chromatex Chemicals
Pakistan. Manufacturers of dyestuffs, and chemicals and auxiliaries for textile pre-treatment, dyeing, printing and finishing. Also, natural garnet grains and powder abrasives. Extensive technical information.

Dow Chemical Co
14 global businesses. The company has 121 manufacturing sites in 32 countries and supplies more than 3,500 products. USA. Versatile chemicals manufacturing corporation, active in a variety of industrial fields. Heat-curing acrylic resins for the textiles and nonwovens industries. Large site with a wealth of technical information, product data and technological and development news. Downloadable PDF documents on a range of issues.

Dow Reichold Specialty Latex LLC
Dow Reichhold Specialty Latexes is a global company with the largest selection of specialty latexes. USA. Multi-national manufacturers of specialty polymer latexes for the textile, nonwovens, paper, food processing, packaging, construction and coating industries. Extensive information about products, technical data and MSDS available on PDF documents.

EOC Group
EOC is active in the polymer chemistry and an important foamed polyethylene manufacturer. EOC produces in-house raw materials: carboxylated styrene butadiene latex, surfactants, thickeners and their related products such as acrylates and PVA's. Belgium. Multi-national group of polymers, chemicals, compounds and adhesives manufacturing companies. Carboxilated styrene butadiene latex and water based acrylic emulsions for the nonwovens and textile finishing industries. Detailed technical specifications. Links to group companies.

ExxonMobil Corp
USA. Diversified, multi-national manufacturing corporation. Its chemicals division produces polypropylene resins for nonwovens spunbond, meltblown and SMS technologies, and staple fiber for thermal bonding. Large site, with a special section for teachers, kids and environmental issues.

Fineotex Chemical Industries
Manufacturers of Printing Chemicals, Textile Chemicals, Textile Auxiliaries, Dyeing Chemicals, Pretreatment Chemicals, Speciality Chemicals in India.Textile Auxiliaries,Textile Reactive Dyes, Plasticization & Synthetic Resin Adhesive. India. Manufacturers of textile auxiliaries, speciality chemicals and adhesives. Also, binders and adhesives for wood, plastics and paper. Detailed product categories, with technical specifications.

Gani Tayub Group
Versatile group of manufacturing companies, active in textiles, polyester filament yarns, and polyester chips and resins. Polyester textile grade chips for fiber and filament extrusion.

Glo-Tex International, Inc
USA. Standard and custom developed resisns, binders and process chemicals for the textile and nonwovens industries. List of global distributors.

Industrial Latex Compounds, Ltd
ILC - manufaturers of latex compounds, adhesives, binders and paper finishing products. UK. Water based polymer composites for a wide range of industrial applications. Compounds and latex for carpet backing. Binders, resins and coatings for the textile and nonwovens industries.

Jiashan Auxiliary Agent Factory
mailly manufacturing quick-dissolving sodium silicate. China. Manufacturers of soluble sodium silicate for fire-retardent agents. Also, ethoxyl sodium sulfonate detergents. Technical specifications. On-line ordering. English and Chinese.

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