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BTTG. British Textile Technology Group
UK. Independent textile and nonwovens research and technology center, also providing services to a range of other spheres of industry and commerce.

CARM. Centre for Advanced & Renewable Materials
UK. Consortium of research centres for biocomposites, opto-electronic materials chemistry, chemistry and water soluble polymers, involved in contract research in wood and plant materials. List of events. Links to related sites.

CSIRO Textile and Fiber Technology
Australia. Institution for applied research, development, consulting and education services to the global wool, cotton, textile, clothing and leather industries. Business arm of the Australian Cotton Cooperative Research Organization.

FFI. Fibre Forum India
Fibreforumindia. India. Membership organization for professionals in the textile, nonwovens and composites industries, created to promote knowledge transfer through conferences, workshops, publications, and the development of educational and research activities.

IFP Research AB
Sweden. Independent research institute, active in fiber science and fabric technology, plastics, composites and rubber.

Institute of Textile Technology and Process Engineering Denkendorf
Germany. Applied research in biomedical engineering, technical textiles, nonwovens, process and manufacturing automation, yarns, finishing techniques and textile management. Also, quality assurance testing services. English and German.

IPFDD. Institute for Polymer Research Dresden
Institute for Polymer Research Dresden. Germany. Public institute for application oriented fundamental research in polymer architecture, interaction mechanisms, and fundamental materials. Activities in fiber reinforced composites, modified polymer membranes, and meltspun nonwovens. List of lectures and conferences. Links to related sites.

SAMPE. Society for the Advancement of Materials and Process Engineering
SAMPE International Home Page - Society For the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering. USA. International professional member society, provides information on new materials and process technologies through forums, publications and books.

SATRA Technology Centre
SATRA is the world's leading research and technology organisation for consumer goods industries. UK. International, membership based research and technology organization for the footwear, apparel, furniture and safety product industries. Material evaluation and testing. Design and printing services. Also, supply of testing equipment.

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