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Able Industries
Manufacturer of metal lighting fixtures, automotive components and cooking utensils.

AMS Industries Ltd.
Provides custom metal spinning to a wide variety of industries across North America.

Bomco Metal Forming
Manufactures precision formed metal components for military and commercial applications.

Century Metal Spinning Company
Produces variety of metal spun products. Site includes examples and provides FAQ section with guidelines to process and applications.

Century Sun Metallurgy Specialties
Tool steel experts with service for hardening, quenching, tempering, normalizing, martempering, austempering, ion nitriding, carburizing, carbonitriding, precipitation, induction, hardening.

Church Metal Spinning Co.
Custom stainless steel and aluminum fabrications using metal spinning, laser cutting, bending and welding. Focus on aluminum die cast/ foundry, machinery manufacturers and architectural. Low tooling and development costs.

Deakins Metal Spinning Inc.
Precision spun metal and air foil components. Development and production of spun metal components for the aerospace, gas turbine, telecommunications, military and commercial industries.

Drakesons G.M.S Limited
Specialist engineering company offers services including metal spinning in a range of materials.

Duncan Metal Spinning
Expertise in metal spinning, deep drawing, and hydroforming all types of metal.

Gem City Metal Spinning Company
Full service metal spinner company offers CNC spinning, hand spinning, and tooling as well as spun lighting parts and metal stampings.

Glenn Metalcraft, Inc.
IS09002 certified supplier of close tolerance, heavy gauge CNC metal spinnings for small to medium volume production runs.

Iowa Metal Spinners
Full service metal spinning of aluminum and stainless steel. Metal spun assembly ready products and components as well as welding, rolling, beading, and trimming.

Screw cutting; turning is a manufacture of industrial machining since 1950.

Koch Metal Spinning
Full service metal spinning facility providing spun metal products, aluminum heat treating, CNC machining, plate rolling, welding and complete metal finishing operations.

Lloyd Industries, Inc.
Specializing in the manufacture of pizza and baking equipment for the commercial kitchen. Manufacturing processes include metal spinning and other sheet metal fabrication techniques. From prototype to 10,000+ units.

Metal Spinning
U.S. company specializing in spinning, hydroforming and fabricating virtually all types of metals since 1948!

Metcom Inc.
Produces metal spinnings, stampings and deep draws. QS-9000 and ISO 9002 certified. Located in Cookeville, Tennessee.

Metspin Ltd.
Manufacturers and suppliers of precision metal spinning for aeronautical, military and nuclear industries as well as general and commercial metal spinning.

Midwest Metal Spinning Inc.
Specializes in experimental and prototype jet engine and related aircraft and missile parts spun from high temperature alloys. Site describes capacity, metals, and process.

MJC Engineering & Technology Inc.
US Manufacturer of heavy-duty CNC metal spinning and forming machines. Supplies custom and retrofitted spinning machines worldwide.

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