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AC Haines Engineering Ltd.
A C Haines, a successful engineering business based in Plymouth UK. Work includes the design and build of tools, prototypes, special purpose machines and robotic cells. UK. Provides variety of design and machining services. Includes small batch precision component production, large batch fabrication and assembly, and design and building of fixtures, jigs, robotic cells, and special purpose machines.

Accura Manufacturing Services
Accura ,. Manufacturing group supplying wide range of services such as the design and manufacturing of metal based components and parts, tooling fabrication and design as well as machining solutions.

Advanced Materials Components Express L.L.C.
Specializes in design and manufacture of O.E.M small parts made from glass, ceramic, plastic, metal, alloyed, composite, and polymeric materials. Can incorporate abrasion, corrosion, and hear resistant finishes.

Anderson Manufacturing Co. Inc.
Anderson Manufacturing produces cold formed terminals, contacts, pins as well as standard, shoulder and semi tubular rivets. We produce engineered fasteners and components for the automotive, electronics, furniture, battery, appliance, house ware and hardware industries. Anderson Manufacturing takes pride in its ability to manufacture complex cold headed products. Produces custom cold formed components for automotive, electronics, furniture, battery, appliance, housewares, and hardware industries.

APAC Techno-Resources Pte Ltd
Manufacturers of casting, forging and stampted metal components in China.

Joint companies providing a broad range of component machining and assembly capabilities, including a focus on thread cutting and rolling. Serves a widely diverse commercial and industrial market base.

Bebitz G m b H
Provides a range of standard flanges as well as custom stampings and forgings. Located in Texas and Germany.

Bodycote International p.l.c.
Bodycote is the world's largest and most respected heat treating, hot isostatic pressing, materials testing and metallurgical coatings service company, delivering outsourcing for industry from more then 230 facilities in 22 countries worldwide. Bodycote offer quality metallurgical services including heat treatments, brazing and electron beam welding; hot isostatic pressing; a diverse range of materials testing services; and surface finishings to a wide variety of industrial market sectors. UK. Manufacturing group offering broad range of products and services. Includes heat treatment, hot isostatic pressing, material testing, and metallurgical coatings. Site provide links to extensive details of capabilities.

Un-standard screws, bolts, nuts, fasteners, tube couplings, hardwareSpecial parts of machines, From China factory. China. Produces variety of customized bolts, nuts, screws, pins, and tube couplings. Available in carbon or stainless steel, aluminum, and brass, as well as galvanized or colored finishes.

Brazenlight Fabrications Ltd
A supplier of high quality fabrications and precision machined components. Supplier of fabrications and machined components to the offshore, power generation, electronics and construction industries. UK based.

CAM Manufacturing Incorporated
CAM Manufacturing is a parts machining and engineering company based in Dayton Ohio. Produces broad range of machined parts, fabricated assemblies, special equipment, and tools and fixtures. Serves aerospace, automotive, consumer, construction, and industrial markets.

Caster Maintenance Company
Certified metrologists maintain all instrument, measuring and test equipment for proper operation and calibration. Customized computer tracking of units and their components allow for Caster Maintenance's customers to have a product history readily available. All incoming parts and materials are inspected and tracked to ensure product reliability and customer satisfaction. Strict compliance with ISO and customer specifications are documented and recorded to facilitate advanced troubleshooting techniques. Caster Maintenance is proudly leading the industry in advanced measurement techniques. Specializes in caster repair and rebuilding services. Site provides details of capabilities, including alignment, frame straightening, roll overlaying, and pipe replacement.

Cenco Grinding Corp.
drill blanks. Specializes in supply of drill blanks. Available in range of types and sizes. Choice of materials includes drill rod and high speed, stainless, and tool steel.

Chandler Technologies Inc.
Chandler Technologies Inc is a specialty welding shop dedicated to the manufacture of unique items and providing unique solutions for customers. Canada. Design and fabrication company with background in production of racing cars and aircraft components. Focus is on manufacture of special purpose machines and handling units. Site includes examples of end products.

Charu Enterprises
manufacturer and exporter of boundary fence fittings in galvanised pressed steel, malleable and aluminium. Manufactures wide selection of fittings for boundary fences in galvanized pressed steel and other metals. Includes brackets, clamps, collars, flange plates, gate clips, post caps, and rail ends. Factory located in India.

Chung-Tai Precision Co. Ltd.
Taiwanese manufacturer of screws and precision metal components. Includes parts for sewing machines, motorcycles and automobiles, computer peripherals, and photocopiers.

Competitive Engineering Inc.
Competitive Engineering provides engineering, precision machining & manufacturing, and prototype & design services to the aerospace and high technology industries. Provides engineering, precision machining, manufacturing, as well as prototype and design services to the aerospace and high technology industries.

Conex Technologies SA
Switzerland. Developers of multi-layer conical extrusion process for commercial pipe and cable manufacturing. Site explains product features and underlying technology.

Cookeville Metal Enterprises
A middle tennessee metal fabricator and powder coater with a general precision machine shop serving the Middle Tennessee area. Company specializes in quality products and on time deliveries. Provides general machine shop and metal fabrication services. Capabilities include stamping, tube bending, plating, powder coating, and welding.

CoPower Industrial Corp.
Taiwan. Produces variety of cast, forged, stamped, and machine metal parts for industrial requirements. Also offers selection of EDM wire cut and super drill machines.

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