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Newburgh Engineering Company Ltd
Newburgh Engineering Company Limited, General Precision Engineering. Scope of supply encompasses design, machining, fabrication, iron founding, welding, assembly and site installation.

Norman Noble Inc.
NNI specializes in micro-precision machining, providing contract manufacturing for high-tech applications including CNC precision machining and medical device OEM. ISO 9001:2000. State-of-the art laser cutting, wire edm, conventional edm, swiss machining, waterjet cutting, cleanroom. Offers ultraprecision machining of parts and components involving tight tolerances and intricate shapes. Capabilities include laser cutting, electrical discharge machining, micromachining, plating and coating, and finishing.

NoseCone wind deflectors are the leading and best value fuel saving device on the Australian market. NoseCone are also specialists in fibreglass products.

Nottingham Aluminium Co., Ltd.
Manufacturers of aluminium sand and gravity diecastings machined to customers drawings and finished to specification. Manufactures aluminium sand and gravity diecastings machined to customers drawings and finished to specification.

OFMEC produce stainless steel yokes for pneumatic and mechanical applications, lockable pins and clevis pins. Italy. Produces stainless steel yokes, clips, and lockable and clevis pins for variety of pneumatic and mechanical applications.

OMCO Roll Forming Excellence
Find your standard and custom roll formed shapes used in most Building Products, Structural Metal Channels, Conveyor Systems, Craneways, Display Fixtures, Metal Door Frames, Elevator Components, Escalator Components, Gas Station Pumps and Canopies, Guardrails, Material Handling Equipment, Office Partitions, and Rail Cars. Find your standard and custom roll formed shapes used in a wide variety of applications.

Parmjeet Sandhu Engineering Works (Pvt) Ltd.
Parmjeet Sandhu:- the leading manufacturer in engineering industry for the manufacturing of various components and parts. Produces broad range of forged and machined parts and components for steel plants, industrial machinery, and heavy vehicles. Site includes photos of typical end products. Located in India.

Parts Finishing Group
Performs metal finishing services for the automotive industry. Specializes in honing and gun drilling, deburring, phosphate coating, shot peening and blasting, paint stripping and rust removal.

Patriot Machine, Inc.
Offers a wide range of services from sheet metal processing, tool design, machining, as well as related services like CAD/CAM consulting and N/C programming.

Patson Lead Inc.
Patson Lead is a lead fabrication shop with over 50 years of experience in the fabrication of lead products. Specializes in fabrication of lead products. Includes anodes, coils, and lined tanks for plating industry, as well as variety of sheeted materials for protection against radiation. Site includes details of product applications.

Perfecto Tool & Engineering Co. Inc.
Concentrates on design and fabrication of special machinery and precision tooling for broad range of manufacturing and service industries. Also undertakes contract machining assignments.

Philip Machine Co.
Philip Machine Company - Metal Products Manufacter. Racks, baskets, wireforms, trays for anodizing, plating, chrome, sputtering, painting, powder finishing.

Plasidyne Engineering & Manufacturing Inc.
Production Services & Processing. Drilling, Turning, Milling, Grinding, Sawing, Stamping & Press Services, Heat Treating, Metal Form, Rapid Prototyping,Ultra Precision. Molding and machining shop. Services include grinding, turning, tooling, stamping and pressing, milling, heat treating, and sawing.

Plastronic Enclosures Inc.
Plastic enclosures manufacturer of low volume plastic electronic enclosures. The PEI process for plastic electronic enclosures includes RFI/EMI shielding, silk screening, painting, sonic welding, UL rated plastic enclosure materials, etc. Manufacturers low volume custom plastic enclosures as alternative to injection moldings. Site explains process involved.

British manufacturers of precast concrete products. Includes freestanding A blocks, prestressed panels, portable raft floors, and road traffic barriers. Site incorporates photo gallery of examples.

Precise Metal Forming Tools
Specializes in production of punch tools for the nut and parts forming industry.

Precision Screw Thread Corp.
Thread rolling, thread milling, CNC machining. Up To 8" Diameter; Lengths To 40 Feet; CAD & Engineering Available. Specializes in cold-formed thread rolling. Site provides detailed explanation of process, features, benefits, suitable materials, and wide range of applications.

Preferred Interiors Enterprises
Electrostatic Painting?? Let Preferred Interiors Enterprises handle all your electrostatic painting needs.With over 25 years of experience, we're a leader in refinishing school lockers, office furniture, industrial equipment, and many other metal items. Specializes in services for upgrading and repairing office and school furniture, fixtures, and fittings. Includes electrostatic painting, upholstering, laminating, and fabric recovering.

Pro Castings Manufacturing Jewelers
Jewelry castings manufacturing for jewelers in platinum, gold and other precious metals. We do jewelry castings manufacturing for jewelers in platinum & gold. We make platinum & gold jewelry castings. Jewelry castings manufacturing for jewelers in platinum, gold and other precious metals.

ProCIM Inc.
Canadian company specializing in reverse engineering, 3D modeling, prototyping, tooling, and moulding of industrial parts and components. Site includes flow chart of servicing process.

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