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AC Optics Inc.
AC Optics offers custom optical components and systems . Manufactures custom optical components and systems, including lenses, prisms, mirrors, windows, flats, and imaging as well as projection systems.

American Polarizers Inc.
American Polarizers - Circular & linear polarizermanufacturer including linear & circular polarizers, contrast enhancement display filters, polarmotion animated displays & motion signs, aircraft cabin windows,sunglasses & 3-D glasses. Manufacturer of linear & circular polarizers. Contrast enhancement display filters, polarmotion animated displays and motion signs, aircraft cabin windows, sunglasses and 3-D glasses.

Andover Corporation
Order optical filters online directly from the manufacturer. ISO 9001 registered. Online catalog contains a wealth of technical info and over 1000 products, including bandpass filters, dichroic filters, beamsplitters, edge filters, calibration filters, etc. Optical filters and coatings online directly from the manufacturer. ISO 9001 registered. Online catalog containing technical information.

Arbus Optronics
Active and passive opto-electronic components; transceivers, laser diodes, switches/circulators and multiplexers.

Barr Associates Ltd.
Custom design and manufacture of thin film optical filters, for remote sensing, defence, medical, space, astronomy, telecommunications and environmental monitoring applications.

Bauer Associates
Designs and manufactures state-of-the-art electro-optical instruments.

Brimrose Corporation of America
Manufacturer of electro-optic solutions for the optical communication arena, pharmaceutical and chemical process-control fields. Includes product listings, careers, trade shows and investor relations.

Canyon Materials, Inc.
Canyon Materials, Inc. Official Website. Learn more about CMI's gray scale/ gray level custom photomasks. HEBS glass and LDW glass for Optical, Electro-Optical, Interconnect, MEMS applications & more!. Specializes in the fabrication of high-resolution gray-level masks using a standard e-beam tool.

Manufacture of optical, refractive, comfort, organic ophathlmic lens and coatings.

Offering ultra high speed imaging solutions. Our product line includes rotatingmirror CCD cameras, gated, intensified CCD cameras, film based rotating drum and mirror, and image converter cameras. Also, light sources, camera controllers and time delay generators. Complete imaging systems to solve your high speed motion analysis needs. Designs and builds equipment for ultra high speed imaging. CCD cameras, image converter cameras and support equipment.

Creative Stars Electro-Optics
Supplies high-quality precision positioning equipment and optics products.

CTP Coil
COIL Designers and Manufacturers of Low Vision Products. Manufacturer of plastic optics.

CVI Laser Corporation
CVI is a leading manufacturer of optical components, assemblies and mounts, providing engineering, rapid prototype delivery, high volume production, and system integration for challenging optical requirements. Produces high quality, damage resistant optics for high energy lasers.

Daniel Malaise Optics
We design, develop, produce and service measuring instruments aimed at controlling the quality of manufactured products. Our instruments are based on the analysis of the optical properties of the product during or after the manufacturing process. Designs, produces and commercializes optical devices for on and offline quality control.

Dave Jones Machinists
SIGHT-PIPE(R)borescopes optical viewers offer a practical, common sense approach to VIEW AND/OR MEASURE internal areas of machined (bored, welded, EDM, drilled, etc.) products. The product line ranges from very simple, highly effective, one piece, hand held units to full modular measuring stands-both of which can be used on the shop floor or in the QC lab. Optical viewers are used in many different industries by quality control inspectors to view and or measure internal areas found in machined or processed products.

David Hinds Ltd.
David Hinds Ltd, astronomical equipment and astronomy supplies, including Celestron telescopes, binoculars and ccd cameras. UK Suppliers of telescopes, binoculars and astronomical equipment.

Docter Optics, Inc.
Der Online-Auftritt der Docter Optics GmbH. Produces standard and custom lens assemblies and precision optical components for industrial, medical, military and scientific applications.

Flir Systems
FLIR Systems produces and sells infrared cameras, thermal imaging software, and temperature 
measurement systems for commercial, industrial, and government use. Designs infrared cameras for pdm and ndt.

GAM Laser, Inc.
Manufactures very long lifetime, high reliability excimer lasers and 157nm Fluorine lasers for industrial, medical and scientific applications.

Great Wall
manufacturer and exporter of optical products includes microscopes, binoculars, telescopes, magnifiers, monoculars. Manufacturer and supplier in Hong Kong of optical microscopes, binoculars and telescopes.

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