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Capital Funding of America, Inc.
Nationwide choice for commercial mortgages and source of cash as note buyers, mortgage buyers, structured settlement buyers, and as purchasers of assets having future cash payments such as annuities, business notes, debt portfolios, royalties, and leases. Funding source for business notes, annuities, structured settlements, and other assets having a cash flow. Also providing commercial real estate mortgages and development loans. Located in Illinois, services offered nationally.

CCA Financial Solutions
Brokers for multiple income streams including accounts receivables, automobile notes and mortgage notes.

Charter Financial
Purchaser of structured court settlements, lottery winnings, annuities, casino winnings, seller financed business notes, and privately held mortgages.

Classic Investment Opportunities
We Will Pay You Cash Today for Your Annuities, Structured Insurance Settlements, Divorce Settlement Liens, Slow Pay, Credit Card, Inventories, Leased Equipment, Notes with C and D Credit, Large and Small Portfolios. Buyer of owner financed notes and most debt instruments.

Colonial Funding Group, LLC
Nationwide buyer of owner-financed notes, mortgages, contracts, deeds of trust and other receivables secured by real estate. Free online quotes. Nationwide buyer of real estate notes, trust deeds, mortgages and other receivables.

Combs Properties
Apartments and houses for rent in Clovis and Portales, New Mexico. Combs' Properties provides home rentals, owner financing and cash for homes. Purchases mortgage notes and other cash flows.

Cornerstone Processing Alliance, LLC
Cornerstone Processing Alliance LLC purchases a variety of future payment streams for clients interested in a lump sum cash payment to satisfy their current financial needs. . Network of brokers service a variety of future payment streams for clients interested in a lump sum cash payment.

Dartmouth Note Funding
Representing a group of investors who purchase privately held notes, including mortage notes and buisness notes. Broker for investors of privately held mortgage and business notes.

Direct Funding Source
Direct Funding Source - provides factoring, equipment leasing, purchase order funding, venture capital, asset-based lending, import export financing, and many other business finance needs. Programs include accounts receivable factoring, real estate and business note purchasing, project funding and loans.

Discovery Funding
A dependable cash advance company purchasing inheritances and trusts. Bypass long probate and trust processes with Discovery Funding cash advance company. Provides inheritance funding services.

Diversified Funding Source (DFS)
At Diversified Funding Source we specialize in facilitating the purchase of privately held commercial real estate notes, residential real estate notes and the funding of business receivables. We represent national funding sources and investors who will purchase these income streams for cash now. Specializes in facilitating the purchase of privately held commercial and residential real estate notes, and the funding of business receivables. Arizona based company offers services nationwide.

Diversified Investment Services, Inc.
Helping people convert future payments into cash now. Diversified Investment Services is dedicated to providing friendly, fast and fair service. Direct purchaser of mortgage notes, annuities, structured settlements and lottery winnings. Features include instant quotes, land developer services, real estate professional services and referral services.

DRW Investment Corp.
DRW Investment Corp. offers seller carry trust deeds, secured cash flows, seller financed mortgages. Purchases mortgage notes, trust deeds, lottery winnings and structured settlements.

Eagle Ridge Capital
Get the cash you need today by selling your accounts recievables,any kind of seller carryback financing,payments,structured settlements,and lottery payouts. Purchaser of structured settlements, real estate notes and accounts receivables. Based in New York, services offerred nationally.

Edward J. Adams
Edward J. Adams Mortgage Note Brokerage. Our business is the buying, selling and brokering of debt instruments such as mortgages, land contracts, deeds of trust and annuities. In concise terms we deal in cash flows. Purchases, sells and brokers mortgage notes and other debt Instruments.

F.S. Gerard
Sell Structured Settlements at F.S. Gerard: Finance company specializing in cash for structured settlement payments, annuity payments, and lottery winnings.. Brokers for mortgage notes, trust deeds, lottery winnings, and structured settlements.

Federal Settlement Group
America's leading structured settlement company, dealing in Structured Settlements, annuity payment, trust deeds and lottery winnings. Purchases structured settlements, lottery winnings, and mortgage notes.

First Capital Funding
Nationwide buyer of income streams, structured settlements, real estate notes, and accounts receivable. Also offers equipment leasing. Located in Florida.

Fitzgerald Capital Recovery
Purchases illiquid securities and assets of all types.

Heir Advance Company
Advancing cash to Heirs of Inheritances, Trusts, Probates, prior to the close of probate. Immediate Cash advance!. Advances cash to heirs of inheritances prior to the close of probate.

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