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4M Consulting Group
Managementberatung Geschaeftsentwicklung Marketing und Internationalisierung. Marken-, Marktforschungs-, Kommunikationsmanagement. Marketing and brand consultancy with a focus on market-entry-strategies in Europe.

Active International
Provides problem-solving programs to transform underperforming assets into profits.

Aldiron Hero Group
Aldiron Hero Group . Conglomeration of more than 50 companies based in Indonesia, with branches in Hong-kong, Japan, Singapore, and the US, offers a variety of trading information and partnership services.

Alitona - Engineering & Consulting Team
Promoting foreign companies to markets in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus!Investigate - Interact - Promote!With the Alitona Team you will learn more about a new business environment, the ways of interacting with it, and promote your business to a new level!The Alitona Team opens up and implements your new opportunities!

Appletree Consulting, Inc.
Appletree Consulting, Inc : Home Page. Flexible business assistance and on site representation for national and international companies.

Atlantica Group
Atlantica Group, Portland, ME -, consulting, global, trade, strategic alliance, joint venture, partnership, technology transfer, foreign, business, strategic, alliancem, joint, venture,. Focusing on market expansion. Principals' biographies, services offered and representative projects.

Avenue Two, Inc.
Mmarketing, research and vendor evaluations. Includes company profile and represented products.

Baltic Sea Business Initiative
Baltic States Business Initiative (BSBI) is your international business and financial advisor and consulting group, specializing in Cross Atlantic transactions between the US and the Baltic Region. An international business and economic advisor and consulting group, specializing in Cross Atlantic transactions between the US and the Baltic Region.

Beck International Inc.
Provides sourcing, design, inspection and technical assistance to importers or potential importers of gift items and printed products.

Benning Bassett
Benning Bassett offers creative strategies and customised solutions in international marketing, trading and financing for medium to small companies planning to do successful business in Spain. Marketing, trade finance and project management services for doing business in Spain.

BF Solutions
Assists IT and technology companies to expand into the global marketplace by offering product development and marketing advice.

BHP Capital
BHP Capital, advisors to mid-market companies on international finance, acquisitions and cross-border joint ventures. European subsidies, venture capital sources and current business opportunities to be found on site. Advisors to mid-market companies on international finance, acquisitions and cross-border joint ventures.

BXTC Consultants
BXTC helps clients propose and perform international economic trade offsets / countertrade / foreign industry participation programs world wide. Performs Economic Offset, Countertrade and foreign industrial programs for companies expanding globally.

C Lynch International
Expert services for International Business Development, E-Government, Countertrade, Information Technology and more. Focus on expansion of markets in the information technology, biotechnology and renewable energy fields. Services, resources and principal biographies.

Canova Consulting Inc.
Canova Consulting International helps organizations to operate their businesses more productively and compete successfully in local and foreign markets. Assistance with global business strategies, including product, marketing, and distribution. Background, resources, services and contact details.

Cassel International
Consulting firm specializing in international marketing and business. Specializes in competitive and market research, cross-cultural communications training and business planning. Overview, principal profile and description of services.

Catharsys Group LLP
International Consultants involved in Economic, Environmental, Social, Technology, and Political issues. Partnership with a broad international reach, involved in many projects. Planning services addressing sustainability issues, environmental remediation, policy and economic analysis.

CCCC International Oy
Specialization in the Russian and East European market areas. Company backgrouhnd, services and contact information.

China Concept Consulting
Consulting services and publications for global businesses in China. Services include industry intelligence, business strategy, corporate diplomacy, risk management, and private equity.

China Strategies
CS is dedicatedto achieving successful and sustainable results forclients doing business in China. Offers advice and information for corporations doing business in China. Services include entry strategies, implementation, and operations management.

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