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Athletic Stock Exchange
Invest in the future of your favorite athletes! The Athletic Stock Exchange is a game of buying and selling shares of your favorite athletes. An open market where you can buy and sell the shares of real life athletes from and to other players.

Fantasy blog stock game, where blog value is based on hits and links.

The most realistic virtual share trading and spread betting simulation game. Fantasy stock market and fantasy spread betting competition using UK London stocks. Inter-University stock trading competition. beginners guide to trading and spreads. A free UK based investment website featuring fantasy stocks and virtual financial spread betting.

Fantasy Stock Market
Free, fun and educational investment game. Trade stocks and mutual funds with $100,000 in fantasy money. Portfolios are tracked and ranked for monthly prizes. Perfect for the beginning investor or professionals.
IndexTrade offer online real-time financial spreadbetting markets on the major world indices, currency pairs, commodities and selected equities. Trade from $1 per point on world's first trading site for global equity indices, bonds, selected commodities and currencies.

Market Bucks
Free stock picking tournament site.

Market Player
Financial tools and stock market contest simulation on the Internet.

Mida$ is an internet-based computer game where your objective is to earn money by stock trading. What's special about Mida$ is that every player is a part of the game. Every player influates the game. If a lot of players panic and sell everything, the price drops. An internet-based computer game where your objective is to earn money by stock trading.

PolitiStock - the Political Stock Exchange
PolitiStock, where all politicians have their price, is a free online stock trading game where players buy and sell shares in politicians. Come see the new currency of politics. Trade stock in politicians in this investment game.

The web's most comprehensive Stock market game/simulation. Trade a portfolio of stocks, options, futures, bonds, and mutual funds. Test investment theories, learn about the financial markets, compete against others worldwide. Stock market game where you simulate managing a portfolio of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, options and futures. Test an investment idea, learn about the financial markets, or develop a track record. Investment Challenge
Asian investment simulation game. Sign up and compete with 5,600 experts in the Asian stock markets.

The Great Game
Equity trading on the London Exchange. Free prizes for the best performing portfolio each month. Direct links for research and analysis.

U.S Idea Futures Exchange
A free web-based futures market (somewhat like a commodity futures exchange) allowing speculation on economic, political, and financial issues. A free web-based futures market.

Virtual Stock Exchange
Stock market game and message boards. Trade stocks and funds in a collaborative environment. Run your own competition or join others.

Wall Street Raider
Updated business news and information,downloads of Small Business Advisor and Wall Street Raider simulationgame software, links to over 40 of the best smallbiz sites on the Web. Windows based investing game. Includes information and download links.

WallStreet -Challenge
Interactive online trading contest with up to $100,000 available to be won.

Xycoon Online
Scientific website about: forecasting, econometrics, statistics, and online applications. Virtual stock exchange. Free simulated trading.

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