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Action Science Network
Aims to accurately describe and efficiently demonstrate the theory and practice of Action Science, a strategy of organizational development -- defined and vigorously advanced by Dr. Chris Argyris over the past 50 years. A summary of Chris Argyris's model of communication.

Center for Human Resource Management Studies at Fairleigh Dickinson University
A partnership between education, industry, and the community, creating a learning environment committed to the development of knowledge and leadership in the management of human resources.

Employee Involvement Association
The Employee Involvement Association (EIA) is an international non-profit service organization serving professional managers and administrators by providing educational programs, publications, and networking opportunities. Composed of members from finance, commerce, industry and government, dedicated to the worth, contributions and benefits of employee suggestion systems and other employee involvement processes.

Organizational development, change management, and business excellence training.

GOAL/QPC is a leading world-wide provider of information, books, training courses and services for organizational improvement and excellence. A not-for-profit educational institution with the stated mission to help organizations and communities grow and prosper. Founded around the process and systems management ideas of Dr. W. Edwards Deming particularly Deming's advocacy of high quality in all aspects of work and management.

Human Resources Research Organization (HumRRO)
An independent nonprofit organization based in the US conducting research, developing products, and providing services to improve individual, team, and organizational performance.

A San Francisco-based consulting firm specializing in executive education and leadership coaching. Offers an integrated system of live workshops and online courses detailing key distinctions and conceptual frameworks for inventing and mastering breakthrough practices. A San Francisco-based consulting firm specializing in executive education and leadership coaching, James "Milo" Milojkovic PhD founder. Free on-line newsletter. Formerly the Stanford SLOW site.

Learning-Org List Service and Archives
A internet dialog among people interested in the Learning Organization concept, as described by Peter M. Senge in The Fifth Discipline.

Management Assistance Program for Nonprofits (MAP)
Free management library resources for nonprofit and for-profit businesses. Topics include: HR, leadership, management development, organizational performance, change, and communications, research design, and systems thinking.

Mike Wills Learning Services
MWLS Learning Pages is a knowledge base of individual and organizational learning and development. A knowledge base covering aspects of individual and organizational learning and development.

MIT System Dynamics in Education Project
Road Maps is an on-line "do it yourself" workbook for learning system dynamics. Papers on systems and quality improvement. Part of the Sloan School of Management at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Organizational Development Network
Sample articles from magazine, full access through paid membership. Resource site containing reference material and member contact information.

Society for Organizational Learning
A consortium of corporations, consultants, students, and researchers dedicated to building knowledge about fundamental institutional change. Membership and access by paid membership.

The Grubb Institute of Behavioural Studies.
Researching into the dynamics of human systems informing personal experience with Christian theological insight.

Wharton Center for Leadership and Change Management
The center in Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania is dedicated to building basic and practical understanding of leadership and change publishes the Wharton Leadership Digest. Few on-line resources.

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