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Specializes in accelerating the development and commercialization of high quality recombinant biopharmaceutical products through partnering and outsourcing.

Biopharmaceutical and Biotechnology Company
Biocon is an integrated biotechnology company focused on the research and development of biopharmaceuticals, drug discovery and development, clinical development and bioprocessing. Produces industrial enzymes used to enhance food products, animal feed, detergents, leather, paper, starches, and textiles. Also, used for facilitating of creation of some health treatments. Includes product descriptions. Located in India.

BioPortfolio the comprehensive website for data, information, search engine and services on biotechnology, pharmaceutical and healthcare research, companies and organizations, Free searching of biotechnology directories and database on 5,000 biotechnology websites. Jobs, Careers, Stocks, Communities and online Store allow our users to become more aware and knowledgably about bio-business opportunities. Information, networking, and promotion for the biosciences, life sciences, and biotechnology industries - based in Cambridge, UK.

Biopract GmbH
Microbial preparations, soil remediation and water depollution.

Bioprocess separations - we help people make biomedicine.
Products and services include assays, DNA purification, proteomics, chromatography, imaging, protein analysis and enzymes. Includes news releases, searchable library and links.

Welcome to Bioprogress. Develops non-gelatin films for use with pharmaceuticals, vitamins and supplements. Includes details of products and services, investor information and company news.

BioProtein Technologies
Produces recombinant proteins in the milk of transgenic rabbits including monoclonal antibodies, hormones and vaccinating antigens.

BioSeek, Inc. - The Human Systems Biology Company.
Develops high throughput biological systems for the validation and development of novel human therapeutics.

BioTech Sage Report
Through our analysis and research, our newsletter will provide you information on how to invest in biotechnology and or medicalstocks to gain the maximum returns or profits on your biotechnology stock portfolio. Monthly newsletter providing analysis, interpretation, news, and commentary relating to biotechnology industry developments for investing in biotechnology and/or medical stocks.

Biotechnology company.
RusGen is Biotechnology Company, which specializes on contract studies. RusGen offers a broad range of services in the different fields of biology. The Company is a partner of several leading research institutions in Russia, which have a qualified personnel and are capable of conducting highly specialized research in various fields of biology. Offers services in the fields of molecular biology, endocrinology, physiology, immunology, cell biology, radiobiology and analysis tests of organic materials.

Biotium - A Fluorescent Reagent Company.
Features Ca indicators, pH indicators, Cl indicators, membrane dyes, membrane potential dyes, toxins, amine- and thiol-reactive dyes, enzyme substrates, reagents for NO studies, and many more. . Develops and manufactures fluorescent reagents and other specialty biochemicals. Site includes detailed product descriptions, online ordering and distributor information. - Biotechnology Pharmaceutical News
A comprehensive site for information and services related to biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.

BPD (Biologics Process Development, Inc.).
An economical resource for the biotechnology community. We specialize in: contract research organization, fermentors, custom fermentation, custom cell culture, frozen storage, cell storage, custom protein purification, custom process development consulting, standard laboratory services, custom laboratory services, recombinant protein expression, custom protein expression, bacterial expression, mammalian expression, insect cell expression, and yeast expression. Provides laboratory services in cell culture and protein purification and process development and scale-up.

Manufactures sterile animal sera, fetal bovine serum, and cell culture products. Site includes details of products, services and laboratory facilities.

Ceapro Inc. Nature Enhancing Life.
Ceapro, a public biotechnology company, utilizing separation technology to supply botanical extracts for health, personal care, and cosmetic formulation. The company utilizes core technologies for the separation and formulation of natural extracts to benefit human and animal health.

Celera Genomics: Advanced Technologies, Advanced Therapies.
Celera's mission is to discover and develop meaningful new therapies that improve human health. We are applying our diverse genomics, bioinformatics, proteomics, medicinal chemistry and biology technology platforms to identify and validate drug targets, a. Mapped the human genome and develop new drugs based on their research. Features a range of corporate data, investor information, news, and career opportunities.

Chiron Corporation
Participates in therapeutics, blood testing and vaccines. Conducts research and development in the fields of recombinant technology, gene therapy, vaccines, small molecule discovery, and genomics.

Chronix Biomedical
Identifies sentinel nucleic acid expression profiles for use in developing assays associated with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of a variety of chronic diseases and catastrophic illnesses. Includes company history, staff and a list of current research projects.

Clifmar Associates
Commercializes life science and chemical research conducted at The University of Surrey. Site includes details of products and current research.
Analyzes the amino acid sequence of proteins to determine the presence of genes. Site includes product and science descriptions together with news and career pages.

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