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Cuban Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology
Offers assistance to commercialize Cuban biotechnology. Site includes research profile, news and links to other Cuban biotechnology sites.

CuraGen Corporation
Simplifying in order to accelerate genomics based product discovery and development. Has created technologies to better understand the role of genes in improving human health, animal health and agricultural vitality.

Cytos Biotechnology AG
Creates new technologies and products for broad markets by innovations in the biomedical sciences.

Researching drugs for the treatment of neurotransmitter related diseases such as Parkinson's, schizophrenia, ADHD.

Delta Biotechnology, Commercial Supplier of Recombinant Human Albumin.
Supplies Recombumin (Recombinant Human Albumin), albumin fusion proteins, high-yield yeast expression systems and protein purification. | All you need in clinical research and development., formerly, is the first freely accessible forum for communication between the sponsors of clinical research, and the individuals and organisations that perform and facilitate clinical trials. . Clinical pharma research and development. Includes access to clinical trial listings, jobs and investigator training.

Dyadic International, Inc
Develops biological products such as proteins, enzymes, polypeptides and small molecules for applications in large segments of the agricultural, industrial, chemical and biopharmaceutical industries.

Enzymatic Deinking Technologies, LLC (EDT)
EDT is a bioindustrial company focused on commercializing enzyme-based technologies for the pulp and paper industry. Focused on commercializing enzyme-based and other new technologies for the pulp and paper industry.

AMIET technological platform offers an alternative to more costly and environmentally unfriendly chemical and organic synthesis. Also, enables the use of enzymes in hydrophobic environments and protects the enzymes so as to maintain their innate 3-D structure.

Facts Online
Hot technology company listings.

Offers products for the health care, agriculture and industrial chemicals markets. Includes outline of expertise, and facilities for production, administration, research and development in four continents.

Genomics Collaborative, Inc.
Genomics Collaborative, Inc. ('GCI') is a functional genomics company with a clinical approach to discovery. GCI maintains Global Repository, an unparalleled, large-scale resource of appropriately consented clinical research material, including human DNA, sera, and snap-frozen tissue samples, linked to detailed medical information, collected from patient populations worldwide. To date, the Company has recruited over 100,000 patients in Global Repository, and collections continue in cardiovascular disease, inflammatory disorders, metabolic disorders, various cancers, and other disease states. GCI applies a suite of high throughput genomic analysis tools in research conducted leveraging the assets of Global Repository, placing the Company at the forefront of next generation target discovery and validation. Apply the science of human genetics to drug and diagnostic discovery decisions. Maintains a database of DNA, sera, and tissue samples, linked to clinical information from patients

Genomics One Corporation
Focuses on the development of technology platforms for genomic manipulations and gene discovery. Based in Canada.

Genomics, Biotechnology and Information Research
Genomics and biotechnology research is our focus. We are an information / contract research company, with particular experience in microarrays & instrumentation for high throughput molecular biology.

Genotypic Technology Pvt.Ltd.
Genotypic is a Genomics & Bioinformatics company offering complete solutions in Drug Discovery & R&D for Pharma,Genomics & Biotech companies.We offer Microarray & Genomics Products & Services. Solutions for drug discovery and research and development for pharma, genomics & biotechnology companies. Site includes details of services and current research projects.

Genzyme Australasia - a rare kind of care.
This is the website of Genzyme Australasia Pty Ltd, a subsidiary of Genzyme Corporation - a highly diversified biotechnology company, Genzyme uses a wide range of technologies to provide 900 human health care products and services. The company has extensive capabilities in biotechnology sales and marketing, manufacturing, research and development, and other disciplines necessary for success in the health care market. Uses a wide range of technologies to provide many human health care products and services.

Genzyme Transgenics Corporation
Produces recombinant proteins and monoclonal antibodies for pharmaceutical use in the milk of transgenic animals.

Hematech: For Human Polyclonal Antibodies.
Hematech researches, develops and produces human polyclonal antibodies. By cloning cattle and immunizing them against certain diseases, Hematech can collect targeted human antibodies to treat disease. Developing platform technology for the production of human polyclonal antibodies. Site features details of technology, publications and news sections.

Innovative Research, Inc.
Innovative Research supplies researchers worldwide with high quality human and animal blood products for research use.. Provides researchers worldwide with high quality human and animal plasma for research use.

Integrin Advanced Biosystems.
Integrin Advanced Biosystems is a growing marine biotechnology company. We focus on three areas: research, technology transfer and scientific services. Marine biotechnology company focused on three areas: research, technology transfer and scientific services.

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