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International Biotechnology Trust (IBT)
The UK's first approved investment trust dedicated to the biotechnology sector. It offers investors the means to invest in a carefully selected and diversified portfolio of biotechnology companies. As part of its investment policy, IBT provides strategic and scientific support to the companies in which it invests.

Knowledge Express Data Systems
Online databases for business development, licensable technologies, biotechnology, technology transfer, and competitive intelligence. Online information service for professionals in the bio-pharma and high-tech arenas.

LifeSensors Inc. - The Art of Biosensors in Genomics.
Utilizes innovations in human gene transcription technology to develop advanced ultrasensitive, high-throughput, cell-based biosensors.

Longenity Inc.
Researching factors affecting longevity and therapies that prevent the detrimental effects associated with aging.

Lorantis, Ltd.
lorantis novel immunotherapies. Researching the mechanisms of immunosuppression and tolerance, to develop new medicines for immunological and inflammatory diseases.

LumiCyte: Creating knowledge essential for life.
LumiCyte is a biotechnology company creating new medical knowledge used by pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to optimize and accelerate drug development. Using its proprietary Protein BioChip and informatics technologies, the company its partners and collaborators to identify the early onset of disease, determine the type, stage and level of disease progression, and monitor individual response to therapy. Provides biochips and information products.

MaxCyte is a biotechnology company developing and marketing a platform technology for rapidly loading bioactive molecules into human cells for therapeutic applications. Develops targeted drugs and non-viral gene delivery systems. Also, specialized in enhanced oxygen to cells treatments.

Medical Trading And Consulting - Metkinen
Specializes in methods of screening for productive mutants of fungal and bacterial producers (statins and antibiotics). Offers contractual strain development or improvement, fermentation and downstream processing technologies. Also, offers non-standard monomers, solid supports for oligonucleotide synthesis and nucleoside analogues of medical potential.

MediChem Life Sciences, Inc.
Offers contract services in the fields of genomics, combinatorial chemistry and biopharmaceuticals. Lists company information and publications.

Mera Parmaceuticals Inc. is a marine biotechnology company dedicated to the discovery and commercialization of new chemicals, new foods, and new medicines. We are focused on a unique source of these new products - 30,000 species of microalgae. Mera Pharmaceuticals is a global leader in photobioreactor technology which is a new, platform production technology that unlocks the commercial potential of microalgae. A marine biotechnology company for the discovery and commercialization of new medicines, food supplements, and natural animal feed additives. Products include high quality astaxanthin produced using patented photobioreactor technology.

Monsanto Company
A large supplier of agricultural chemicals and biotechnology.

Morphotek, Inc.
Uses morphogenics to expedite the evolutions of organisms, such as plants and yeast, to obtain commercially useful output traits.

MWG - THE Genomic Company.
MWG-BIOTECH AG is a world leader in genomics. We base our success on a complementary product portfolio geared for synergy. ur three business divisions Genomic Discovery (MWGs Genome Sequencing, Bioinformatics and DNA Array Technology), Genomic Instruments (Lab Automation and PCR-Instruments) and Genomic Services (Custom Sequencing, Oligonucleotide Synthesis and DNA Chip Production) makes us the only company in the world to offer complete genomic solutions. Products and services include molecular biology instruments, DNA sequencing, oligos, microarrays, and bioinformatics.

NEXGEN Biotechnologies Inc
Develops and commercializes new recombinant proteins from transgenic plants.

Nexia Biotechnologies
Uses transgenetic goats milk to produce therapeutic proteins and biomaterials to treat serious diseases. Located in Canada. homepage. Created by the merger of Ciba and Sandoz. Has core businesses in healthcare, agribusiness and consumer health.

Novozymes Biotech, Inc
Emphasizes research in identifying and engineering new industrial enzymes as well as improving the manufacturing process for new and existing enzymes.
Creates bio-industrial products by using enzymes for such things as waste water cleanup, house cleaners and lawn maintenance. Provides contact information.

Orchid BioSciences
Orchid - A leader in genetic diversity. Please visit our site for the latest information regarding pharmacogenetics and drug discovery. Develops products and services designed to measure and use in pharmacogenetics and drug discovery.

PCS AG - Process Control Systems AG - Switzerland.
Solution provider for the automation of biotechnological and pharmaceutical processes. Based in Switzerland.

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