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Pepscan Systems
Focused on the use of the knowledge of molecular recognition.

Phage Biotech, Ltd.
Presents a valid biological solution to the chemical antibiotics crisis.

Pharmaceutical Company
Dr.Reddy’s is one of the best in world's pharmaceutical Companies, specializing company in the pharma research, pharma products, pharmaceutical manufacturing india, drug discovery india and marketing of generic pharmaceuticals.

Phycotransgenics LLC
Phycotransgenics, L.L.C is a biotechnology company that specializes in the development of transgenic algae that have market-driven properties. Markets that we are focusing on include animal health, animal feed, bioremediation, environmental monitoring and biopesticides. Specializes in the development of transgenic microalgae to be used for animal health, animal feed, bioremediation, environmental monitoring and biopesticides. Includes information about the company and contact information.

PickCell Laboratories - Home - OEM Antibodies and Antibody Production Services.
A biotech company from the Netherlands offers a wide range of mAbs and pAbs to other companies for OEM sales. Catalogue is updated monthly. We also offer highly customisable and cost-effective hybridoma development services. An antibody developing company in the Netherlands, offering OEM products and antibody-developing services. Site includes details of products, services and positions vacant.

Plant Research International.
Plant Research International offer research services in plant genetics and reproduction, crop physiology, agrosystems, soil fertility, and the optimization of plant health.

PolyGenyx, Inc.
Includes corporate profile, information about the technology used and how this can be applied. Features a slide presentation and links to press releases.

Precision Therapeutics, Inc.
Focusing on the interaction of cultivated tumor cells with chemotherapy and immunology-based drugs.

PrimeGen Biotech Corporation
PrimeGen is a leading genetic engineering company researching human life extension. Specializes in stem cell research The purpose is to rejuvenate tissues in the body by replacing them with undifferentiated germ cells. Lists news releases relating to the company and contact information.

Biotechnology and innovation in heart disease.

Prometic - Life Science, Inc.
Targets bioseparation and medical applications with its platform technologies, exploiting its proprietary synthetic ligands designed to effect very specific interactions with proteins.

PROTEUS - Nature has more imagination than our dreams.
Proteus is a leading biotechnology company dedicated to the discovery and design of novel biomolecules for worldwide markets in the life sciences and chemical industrie. Discovers biomolecules for large global markets.

PTC Therapeutics
PTC Therapeutics, Inc. (PTC) is a biopharmaceutical company focused on the discovery and commercialization of orally active small molecule therapeutics for human diseases. Focused on the discovery and commercialization of orally active small molecule therapeutics for human diseases.

ResearchPoint - The ideal CRO experience.
ResearchPoint is a full-service contract research organization serving the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries. Online resource and information tools for the scientific and pharmaceutical communities.

RiboTargets Ltd
Vernalis is a new force in UK biotechnology formed out of the September 2003 merger of British Biotech plc and Vernalis Group plc. This merger has created a company with significant growth potential, through sales of its marketed product, frovatriptan, the successful development and commercialisation of its product pipeline candidates, and through further participation in the consolidation of the UK biotechnology sector. Research and development of therapeutics to treat patients with bacterial infections and patients with cancer.

Specializes in the incubation of lab-scale technologies with real market potential to deliver true commercial success.

SciWeb - Life Science
SciWeb - Life Science,, The BioCareer Center, Life Science, Biology, Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, And Medical Diagnostic Information, Career, Job and Resume Resources. Resources for life science, biology, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and medical diagnostic information.

SIGNALS Magazine - because biotech is tricky.
Signals Magazine Online Biotechnology Magazine. Online magazine for biotechnology, biomedical, and pharmaceutical industry analysis.

Sigris Research - develops technologies and products in magnetic processing
Sigris Research develops advanced immunomagnetic processing technologies and products for molecular & cell biology, diagnostics and food microbiology; biosensor chip system and microfluidics for enzyme assays. Utilizes biomagnetic mixing and bioseparation technology to isolate and extract genomic DNA, mRNA, and cell proteins.

Synergene Biotech GmbH
Offers DNA sequencing services for the life science community. Site includes details of services offered, current projects and company news.

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