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Charles Babbage Institute
Archives and research center for the history of computing, located at University of Minnesota Libraries, Minneapolis. A research center at the University of Minnesota dedicated to promoting the study and preservation of the history of computing and information processing.

Computer History Association of California
A non-profit corporation, who safeguards and organizes the history of electronic computing, not only in California, but nationally and internationally. They collect and archive hardware, software and documents.

Old Computers - rare, vintage and obsolete computers.
Old Computers - rare, vintage and obsolete computers!. Pictures, documents, and advertisements of classic computers from the 1970's and 1980's.

PC History
This site is under construction but has some nice pictures of some pre-IBM machines.

Test Page for Apache Installation.
A project to create the definitive list of the 1,000 key innovations and events in the last 1,000 years of information technology.

The History of Computing Project
History of computing. Offers a detailed timeline on the history of computer. Sections include hardware, software, pioneers and references.

The History of Computing Science: From the Past to the Present
An overview of the developments that allowed the modern day computer to arise from first principles. Lecture presented by Michelle A. Hoyle explaining how computers and computing science arose from using sticks with notches for counting, to the massive explosion of personal computers in the 1980s.

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