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Brachman, Ron
Director of the Information Processing Technology Office (IPTO) at DARPA. Knowledge representation, machine learning, information retrieval, natural language processing.

Branting, L. Karl
LiveWire Logic, Inc. Empirical methods of natural language processing, case-based reasoning, AI and law, ecological and environmental applications of AI.

Clancey, William J.
NASA/Ames Research Center. Brahms multiagent simulation system, situated cognition, Haughton-Mars Project, human-centered computing.

Delord, Christophe
ENSEEIHT, France, Computer Science engineer, Artificial Intelligence (dialogue simulation, speech acts, PROLOG), Python, lexical and syntactic parsing.

Freeman, Richard
Richard Freeman PhD Research Student. University of Manchester. Machine learning, knowledge management, data visualization, artificial intelligence and neural networks.

Goyal, Ram Dayal
Intigma India. Data mining, natural language processing, data mining, neural networks, image processing.

Greening, Dan R.
CEO BigTribe. Entrepreneur and researcher. Personalization, collaborative filtering, computer-supported cooperative work, ubiquitous computing, simulated annealing, distributed computing, social psychology.

Hillan, Julie
J. Hillan personal Web site. Includes CV, references, portfolio. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. relationship between social software/interfaces and human attitudes and behaviors; user responses to emotion in embodied agents.

Krogt, Roman van der
Delft University of Technology. PhD Student, Plan repair in multi-agent environments.

Kulbacki, Marek
Polish Academy of Sciences. Vulcan. Machine Learning, realistic human motion modeling.

Kurban, Rifat
Rifat KURBAN. Erciyes University. Artificial neural networks, speech processing, digital signal processing, speaker recognition, image processing.

Lin, Fan
Fan Lin's website. Department of Computer Science and Technology, Tsinghua University, Maryland University, machine learning, data mining.

Norvig, Peter
Artificial Intelligence, natural language, Lisp and Java in AI. Computational Sciences Division, NASA Ames Research Center.

Pennock, David M.
Yahoo! Research Labs. Electronic commerce, internet statistics, uncertain reasoning, decision theory, market approaches to group coordination, multiagent systems.

Pratt, Lorien
Neural network researcher and telecommunications analyst. Resume, links, personal information.

Strens, Malcolm
QinetiQ. Reinforcement learning and image target tracking.

Teixeira, Ot??vio Noura
Brazil. Artificial Intelligence (in Spanish).

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