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Ability OnLine - Toronto, Canada
Ability OnLine is a BBS/Internet site for children with special needs and their peers/parents/mentors

Alaska Blue
A BBS and Information Service in Alaska. Caters to Teens and is kid safe.

Baud Town BBS
Electronic community and social bulletin board system.

Box 24 BBS Switzerland
Die Box 24 ist eine Schweizer Mailbox mit Message Networks, Links, Infos, Files und mehr... Files, Infos, Tips, Tricks, Links and Message Networks: SWISSLink, ILink, RIME, SSI SupportNet, SwissNewsExchange.

Chat-n-files BBS
A web-based Chat and Files site with more than 175,000 files for download. Web-based bbs-like site with Chat Rooms, local message area and large file downloads area. If browser supports Java-script, there are some games.

A well laid out system with something for everyone to enjoy.

Cyber Bytes BBS
A friendly place to hangout and play a few door games, read and post in Fidonet echos. We are running Wildcat interactive netserver and carry all the support echos and lots of support files to help our fellow sysops.

CyberCat - Homepage - Welcome
Design websites, give free email, develop corporate intranets, wildcat 5, WIN Server, BBS support, wildcat bbs, wildcat bbs support, bbses, webring, wildcat webring, and virtual hosting.

Digital Playground Interactive
A Web/Telnet based BBS. Tradewars 2002 (usually over 5 games), MajorMUD, Swords of Chaos, and L.O.R.D.

Discussion BBS
An online community, dedicated to the pursuit and preservation of independent thought

Doc's Place BBS Online
Telnet and web based BBS with full fidonet coverage.

Dog House BBS
The Dog House BBS. One of the UK's Leading BBS sytems. Home of CBSoft Software. 24 Hours BBS System on 01443 400327, conected to FidoNet, BBSNet, Sysops TechNet and many more mail networks. Home of CBSoft Software - Utils for RA / EleBBS / T-Mail.

FamilyNet HQ BBS
FamilyNet HQ BBS. G Rated BBS - Filtered internet newsgroups, Familynet and Fidonet. Been around since 1982.

Farpoint BBS
Internet only Wildcat BBS with a Star Trek theme.

File Library Channel 1 Communications BBS
Comprehensive and searchable file database of shareware, freeware and utilities. 100 gigabyte collection of downloadable shareware and freeware.

Fire Escape's BBS
Fire Escape's Christian Family BBS.Remember when 2400 baud was fast and 1 MEG was big? If so, You mayremember what a BBS is. Free Christian family oriented system which offers discussion forums, chat rooms, real-time multiplayer games and many shareware files.

Flink BBS
World Group System Focus: Messages, Chat, Online Games, Internet Services. User ID required.

Fluxpod Information Exchange
An online community that relies on itself to come up with innovative ideas and solutions to problems.

HomeBBS -
A Family Run BBS in Independence MO, Files, Games, Chat & more. A training and information BBS run by a consulting company.

Homer's Hut
A telnetable BBS. FidoNet, DoorGames (LORD, Usurper, TW2002, etc). A telnetable BBS. FidoNet, DoorGames runs on OS2 has support and file archives for OS2.

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