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Advanced Designs, Inc.
Die Designer 2002 software for AutoCAD, as well as related services.

Advanced Reasoning Technologies
AutoCAST - intelligent software for casting design and analysis - helps product and foundry engineers in defect prediction and casting health-checks, enabling cost and scrap reduction without shop floor trials... a typical casting can be analysed within minutes and optimized within hours. AutoCAST software for casting design and analysis, that helps product and foundry engineers in predicting internal defects and improving castability.

Antech Micro Systems Pvt. Ltd.
Develops and markets CAD/CAM products and training in India, and also offers a newsletter and a list of CAD related jobs.

Applied CIM Technologies
Provides off-the-shelf and custom software for tool management, CAD, CAM, and manufacturing process control.

CADCAM developer of OneCNC world's most affordable CAD/CAM CNC solutions. creates machine ready NC code directly from a solid model, surface model or wireframe geometry creating clearance planes, rapid approaches, calculating feeds and speeds, and estimating machine time.

Austin N.C., Inc.
Austin N.C., Inc. has Numerical Control and CAD/CAM applications to meet all your manufacturing needs. Offers the G-Post generalized postprocessor software, G-Post interfaces for several CAD/CAM systems, the Intercim APT system, and the AutoPRO/2000 CAM module for AutoCAD.

Auto-Code CAM Software
CAM Solution that runs inside AutoCAD for NC/CNC programming directly from drawing information. Supports AutoCAD Release 14 and AutoCAD 2000.

A 2-D and 3-D CAD-CAM system for programming CNC machines including milling, lathe, wire EDM and CNC routers. Supports IGES and DXF input and RS-232 communication.

CamSoft Corporation
PC Based CNC controls, CNC Controls for the retrofit and CNC Controller OEM market. CamSoft's PC Based Controllers are based on Open CNC Controls. PC-Based CNC controls, CNC control software for upgrades, retrofits, and OEM CNC applications as well as the Advanced System 3000 Multimedia CAD/CAM for Windows.

CNC Solutions, Inc.
Shop-Talk Cad/Cam Windows-based CNC programming software for CNC lathes, mills, torches, etc. Specialized software for tool verification back plotter and CNC CAM editor. Since 1988. Windows-based NC programming software for CNC lathes, mills, and torches. Specialized software for tool verification back plotter and CNC CAM editor.

Delcam CAD/CAM
cadcam solutions from Delcam. cadcam software solutions for manufacturing and machining, design and modeling, mold making, reverse engineeing and inspection. Delcam provides cad/cam solutions for 3D machining, toolmaking, 3D designing, modeling, mold making, inspection, reverse engineering.

Delft Spline Systems
Deskproto, for in-house rapid prototyping using an affordable desktop CNC milling machine. use of CAD/CAM software for complex freeformed geometry.

A subsidiary of the Dassault Systemes Group providing software to create, monitor and control manufacturing systems [requires JavaScript].

ESI Group
Virtual prototyping software to determine product behaviour in crashes and other situations, as well as manufacturing simulation and optimization tools.

ESPRIT The Next Generation CAM software your CAD/CAM solution for all CNC machining and G-code programming milling, lathe turning, and wire EDM. CAM software, CNC machining and G-code programming milling, lathe turning, and wire EDM.

Expert Mold Maker
Programming system mold making.

EZCAM Solutions
The EZ-CAM product line includes complete CAD/CAM software solutions for NC programming of Mills, Lathes, EDM and other CNC equipment.

FeatureCAM by EGS
Engineering Geometry Systems Products FeatureCAM, an advanced CAM software package

HCam Technology
Provides NC post processors, NC tool path viewers, DNC systems, and a BTR tape reader replacement.

Machining, CNC Cad-Cam programming, and similar tools, which we feel are some of the best values available today, are presented on these pages.You will also find product descriptions of several versions of low cost Cad Cam, and Vector CadCam from Centriforce, an IGES to DXF conversion program, discussions of low cost cnc and cad cam systems, a very reasonably priced CNC programming,training course and training videos, and Lathe Quick Code, Raster to Vector Software. Software for CAD/CAM surface modelling and machining, toolpath generation, and raster to vector conversion for cutting and engraving.

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