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Apic SA
Software for GIS and spatial applications for Local Governments and Utilities.

Atlatnech Solutions, Inc.
Focused on software delivery, configuration, deployment, training and customization of engineering modeling products.

Bentley is a premier provider of solutions to government organizations around the world with a focus on providing a platform for planning, designing and engineering, operating and maintaining spatial assets.

Boston Harbor Software, Inc.
Land Surveying and Civil Engineering Software for AutoCAD Users Boston Harbor Software Inc produces and markets Land Surveying and Civil Engineering software for AutoCAD users. Surveying and Civil Solutions for AutoCAD. For creation of legal descriptions, plat maps, records of survey, contouring volumetric computations and engineering plans.

DSS is the Northeast's premier business GIS firm. We specialize in tailoring GIS tools to your business needs. Our customers are successful!. Site dedicated to the application of GIS in business. DSS provides one-stop shopping for GIS software, data and services.

ESRI is the world leader in GIS (geographic information system) software and technology. This site features GIS mapping software, map Web services, online mapping and GIS training, demos, data, product and service information, support, user scripts, and much more. Large manufacturer of GIS software, offering online mapping and GIS training, demos, data, product and service information, and user scripts.

Geocreek consists of the various ariticles, Lessons, Projects, Logs and experience of engineer and developer, Lyle Fogg. Geocreek is forum based site covering graphical and spatial data. Content includes Articles, Lessons, Projects and Logs concerning the techniques of Computer Aided Drafting, Geographical Information Systems, data management and 3D imagery.

GIS data and Costum Mapping Services
20% of the Fortune 500 relies on Maponics for GIS map data, custom mapping services and standard maps & reports offered via our online store. Core products include carrier route maps, ZIP Code maps, custom maps, sales territory maps, census tract maps, and more - for businesses that need to optimize their sales, marketing and logistics efforts.

Graticule supply royalty free toolkits for mapping and route calculations to software developers. We also supply map data in vector and raster formats. Software for desktop and Internet mapping, route finding, drive time, and e-business mapping systems.

Guthrie CAD/GIS Software
CAD/GIS data conversion software and CAD Viewer software. Products include Arcv2CAD, CAD Viewer, CAD2Shape, HPGL2CAD. Free conversion software as well as utilities for CAD/GIS integration.

Imass Limited - GIS,CAD,document management,mobile systems/WAP. Specialists in GIS CAD document management and WAP mapping for utilities, emergency services and property companies.
Manifold is the most powerful and easy to use GIS and mapping software ever created. Run in Windows '95, '98, NT, 2000 and XP. Import 80 formats to use millions of free maps and data sets available on Internet. See why Manifold provides better capabilities for $245 than $5000 buys elsewhere. Software for viewing, converting, and editing map data.

Novapoint is a professional, integrated, civil engineering design and construction software with a strong emphasis on infrastructure design. Developed with professional users in many countries and running on Autodesk Map. Novapoint is used by road, railway, public works departments, consultants and universities in Europe and Asia. In all main markets Novapoint has been customised to meet local design and drawing standards in co-operation with local design authorities and design engineers. Since its introduction in 1988 Novapoint has consistently expanded and improved its line of software modules for civil engineers around the world. At present Novapoint has over 9.000 seats in 18 countries. Design tools for surveyors. Products specific to highway, railway, bridge, and landscape design.

Pythagoras Software
Pythagoras is state-of-the art CAD software for Land Surveying and Civil Engineering for both MS Windows en Apple Macintosh. One of the most Powerful and Intuitive applications ever designed!. Pythagoras is a Topographical CAD and GIS software for land surveying and civil engineering.

CAD-conversion and data digitization services in all types of Engineering services including CAD-Conversions and GIS.

Satura Computers SRL
Satura Computers Arad - Societate informatica. Aplicatii de cadastru, Aplicatii de contabilitate, Programe informatice la comanda. Announces of the InfoZone CAD application for surveying.

Sentinel USA
Specializes in automated mapping, facilities management and geographic information system services for the utility industry.

SRI, Inc.
Southeastern Reprographics, Inc. provides mapping and field inventory services to the electric utilities industry utilizing Automated Mapping/Facilities Management Systems (AM/FM) and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). SRI has developed field inventory techniques that take advantage of GPS Laser Range Finders and pen-based computers. Our services include: Basemapping, Field Inventory and Verification, Digitization of Distribution Facilities, Data collection in the field using GPS, laser range finders and pen based computers, Database Linking with GPS data collection, Scanning, Desktop Mapping, Custom mapping. Mapping and field inventory services to the electric utilities industry utilizing automated mapping/facilities management systems (AM/FM) and GIS.

SuperMap GIS Technolgies, Inc.
Makers of GIS software for standalone operation, networked collaboration, handheld display, surveying, and form based data entry.

Providers of Digital orthophotography, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), aerial photography, topographic mapping, planimetric mapping and data conversion services for municipal, county, state, and federal government and civil engineers since 1954.

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