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Caltech Multi-Res Modeling Group
The Caltech Multi-Res Modeling Group is a research group within the Computer Science Department under the leadership of Prof. Schröder. It focuses on new algorithms and representations able to support very large scale modeling and simulation tasks in Computer Graphics. Conducts research into the mathematical and algorithmic foundations of numerical problems in computer graphics and scientific computing with a specific focus upon multiresolution techniques.

Centre of Computer Graphics and Data Visualization
University of West Bohemia. Research areas include algorithms for computer graphics and visualization,volume data processing, methods for iso-surface extraction, mesh reduction and reconstruction from scattered data, triangular and tetrahedral mesh generation.

Computer Graphics Lab at ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Conducts research into the medical applications of computer science and computer graphics.

Computer Graphics Laboratory
Stanford University. Research areas include volume rendering, rendering algorithms and systems, 3D scanning, image-based rendering, virtual reality, compression of graphics objects, user interfaces for visualization, high-performance graphics architectures, and visualization of complex systems and environments.

Computer Graphics Research at Caltech
Conducts research that explores and develops new approaches to modeling, rendering, simulation and scientific visualization.

Cornell Program of Computer Graphics
Conducts research in architectural modeling, realistic image synthesis, digital photography, and visualization.

Electronic Visualization Laboratory at University of Illinois at Chicago
EVL is a graduate research laboratory specializing in virtual reality and real-time interactive computer graphics.

Conducts research into the simulation of human functionality and physics-based deformable models such as clothing and hair.

MIT Computer Graphics Group
Houses several research groups working on the latest computer graphics technology.

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NeHe Productions
OpenGL Tutorials, Demos, Games and More... Contains news, OpenGL and game tutorials, project examples, and articles.

Nilo Stolte Home Page
. Dr Nilo Stolte research work in computer graphics: voxelization and visualization of implicit surfaces, discrete ray tracing, fractal clouds, publications, and tutorials.

OpenGL is the vendor-neutral, multi-platform standard for high performance 2D/3D graphics on devices ranging from mobile phones to PCs to Supercomputers. is the one-stop hub for all OpenGL news, applications, gamss and developer documentation. It is the official site for the OpenGL Architecture Review Board. Provides news, applications, games and developer documentation related to the OpenGL 2D and 3D graphics application programming interface.

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Scientific Computing and Imaging Institute
The SCI Institute conducts research into methods for scientific computing and develops integrated problem solving environments to allow scientists to solve computational problems in fields such as numerical mathematics, biophysics, electrocardiography, bioelectric fields in the brain, and medical imaging.

Virtual Reality Laboratory
Involved in the modelling and animation of three-dimensional inhabited virtual worlds.

Visualization and Interactive Systems Group (VIS)
University of California Irvine. Conducts research in the areas of scientific visualization, virtual reality, image based modeling and rendering, volume visualization and biomedical imaging.

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