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Bowen, Jonathan
London South Bank University - Formal methods, history of computing, online museums.

Cardelli, Luca
Microsoft Research - Type theory and operational semantics, mostly for applications to language design, semantics, and implementation. Semantic and type-theoretic foundations of object-oriented languages. Global and mobile computation issues.

Cooper, Shane
Collection of programming-related links.

Day, Bill
Technology Evangelist at Sun Microsystems, interests include software and aerospace engineering, molecular nanotechnology, streaming media and multimedia, java, and computer graphics.

Dr. Wes Leggett, Educational Technology Professor & Consultant
Personal website of Dr. Wes Leggett. Information for on-line and on-campus educational technology courses, links, and a family album page.

Fisher, Rex
Brigham Young University and University of Idaho - technical reference sources, software for designing & analyzing CPUs, and career information.

Fjeld, Morten
ETH Zurich - Human-computer interaction (HCI), cognitive ergonomics, and applied mathematics.

Frith, Taylor
Personal site, information on my computer skills, education, projects, job search.

Gibbons, Nick
Keele University, UK

Gueziec, Andre P.
Triangle Software - Medical imaging, data visualization, 3D graphics, video processing.

Kleinrock, Leonard
Inventor of the internet technology packet switching. Has published more than 200 papers and authored six books on a wide array of subjects including packet switching networks, packet radio networks, local area networks, broadband networks and gigabit networks. Additionally, Dr. Kleinrock has recently launched the field of nomadic computing, the emerging technology to support users as soon as they leave their desktop environments.

Kumar, Piyush
Indian Institute of Technology - Undergraduate, especially interested in computational geometry, computer graphics and algorithms.

Lamport, Leslie
Microsoft Research - Programming languages, Algorithms, Verification. Author of Latex.

Saha, Debanjan
IBM's T. J. Watson Research Center - Computer Network Researcher

Saraswat, Vijay
Pennsylvania State University - Theoretical computer science, programming systems, artificial intelligence.

Shiflett, Chris
Author of open source projects, articles, books, tutorials, and documentation.

Spivack, Nova
CEO of Radar Networks, and co-founder of EarthWeb - Semantic Web, Knowledge Management

Stantchev, Vladimir and Lubomira
Humboldt University, Berlin.

Stevenson, Bill
Pennsylvania State University - Cognitive Science, High Performance Computing.

Stramm, Bernd
Computer architecture parallel computing, embedded systems, high performance computing, and heterogeneous parallel systems.

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