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A step by step guide to building a successful prayer ministry
An ebook that explains how to start a prayer ministry, how to file for 501c3 tax deductible non profit organization and how to set up a telephone conference prayer line.

Build E Library
Start to build your own electronic book library now. Use your own computer. Begin with free ebooks. Choose the way you want to view your personal library ebooks. Locate and add new ebooks to your library. Discover internet sources for ebooks. Choose and use a personal ebook display device. Basic information on formats and devices, with links.

Learn to create, write, publish and promote ebook. Read about ebook formats, ebook reading devices and software. Resources for new authors or beginners. Submit free ebook for listing. Guide to publishing electronic books.
E-book news, with hardware and software information. Also includes an aggregate e-book store.

eBooks eGuides
eBooks and eGuides offers free download of pdf files and demonstrates several formats and applications of ePublishing. It is the official website of IIT. Information about formats with some sample titles.

Google AdSense Money
I’m going to show you how to make money through Google AdSense. I’m not a search engine optimization (SEO) guru. I’m not an Internet marketing consultant or the owner of a wildly popular blog with a million subscribers. I’m just a guy with a laptop and Internet connection.

Information and resources, with free titles for handheld devices.

honestly making money online
Exposing the truth about which money making programs are scams and which actually can make you money from home.

How to Make Internet Money
Earning money online is the same as earning money anywhere else. You need hard work, the right knowledge, and usually a bit of luck.

How to Sell on Craigslist eBook Free Online Selling Guide
Learn how to sell your stuff on Craigslist with this easy to follow guide. Selling on Craigslist successfully can be easy! Sell used items online!
Resources for ebook enthusiasts and industry participants. Includes an ebook library, news, reviews, forums and more. News, reviews, announcements, FAQs, and commentary.

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