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3D Graphics Compression Homepage
A directory of 3D graphics compression information, researchers, and commercial products on the web.

Arturo Campos: Compression Programming
The home of Arturo Campos, student and programmer interested in data compression, not only programming, but also writing articles. Articles on various compression algorithms.
A website devoted to the principles and practice of data compression. is a comprehensiveset of links to resources on the Internet related to Data Compression. Theseinclude web pages, source code, papers, newsgroup posts, books, and more. Compression topics covered here include Huffman and arithmetic coding, LZ77,LZ78, LZW, LZSS and variants, Burrows-Wheeler, archiving, zlib, audio andvideo compression, and much more. Directory of data compression sites. Allows user to rate the listed sites.

The Canterbury Corpus
A set of benchmark results for various lossless compression methods. Includes test files and compression test results for many research compression methods.

The Data Compression Resource
The central resource for data compression with informations and links to algorithms, corpora, comparisons, the compressor ABC, books and conferences. Algorithms, links, comparisons, conferences, corpora and the home of the compressor ABC.

The Predictive-Substitutional Compression Page
Description and test results on this and other schemes.

image and video coding research, consultancy and advice. Video and image coding tutorials, links, resources and research.

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