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Cell Phone Hacks
Cell Phone Hacks Index Cellphone Mods andRing Tones for Nokia cellphones. Mod chips, lighting cases and logohacks, screensaver settings, Denial of service attacks for SMS phonesfind hardware for your cellular phone. Mobile Phone Hacking by Connectyour Nokiaphone to your PC. Mobile phone hacking discussion forum for your cell phone and computer.

Dark Tavern
Dark Tavern is a technology based forum. Although this includes hacking and security, the forum is also focused on more basic aspects of computing and technology. Be sure to check this out to get a jump start at learning or learn a few tricks.
Variety of topics and tutorials related to Hacking and Phreaking. - Security Forum
Discussion forums with tutorials, Hacking programs and miscellanious threads.
Hacking Forums - FCSK THE NEWBIE . Hacking and Security forum for advanced hackers.
A new up and coming Hacking & Security Forum.
A Web Board with various topics of discussion.

Underground computer security search engine. Covers hacking, security, cryptography, phreaking, trojans, exploits, carding, icq tools, virii, zines, warez and more... One of the worlds longest established hacking forums, offering resources covering everything from cracking to phreaking.

The Forbidden Web Archive
Security and Development Forum with a Security Basics Forum and Vuln-Dev.

TiVo Techies
Technical discussion forum on TiVo hardware, hacks and mods.

X-Ploit Team Forum
Forum dedicated to hacking, cracking, phreaking and other issues.

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