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Cryptography Management Kit
The Cryptography Management Kit is designed to help you progress with cryptography as efficently as possible. Teaches fundamentals of cryptography, for both beginners and those with prior knowledge.

Cryptography World
Cryptography Introduction: Generic source for Encryption, Decryption and Key Management. Introduction to cryptography, including concepts, key management and application.

Cryptography related articles, downloads, news, links and discussions.

Home of HB9CUF
Download: CryptoUP - crypto utility for any kind of file. FindSR - a bitlevel analyzer for encrypted data. Free cryptographic tools: CryptoUP to secure and transport any kind of file; FindSR helps to analyze ciphertext.

International Association for Cryptologic Research (IACR)
Non-profit scientific organisation intended to further research in cryptology.

International Cryptography Freedom
Links to cryptography related downloads and information from around the world.

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