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Attrition is an eclectic collection of general internet and computer security resources. Some of the resources are an extensive archive of defaced/hacked web sites, security errata, and more. Attrition is an eclectic collection of internet and computer security resources.

Crewl Underground Madness
crewl underground madness (cum) is a belgian blackhat group specialized in network (in)security, hacking, coding and phreaking. Belgian group specialized in computer and network (in)security, hacking, coding and phreaking.

Cult of the Dead Cow
Offers team background, tools and BackOrifice downloads, and news archive.

The internet's fastest growing directory of the best web sites. Fully searchable and updated regularly. Internet security group focusing on internet deregulation. Also provides tools for anonymity, password cracking, port scanning, remote administration and firewalls.

Digital Information Society
Digital Information Society. Exploit archive, phreaking information, and group member pages.

Eleventh Alliance
Offers details regarding select viruses, overflow and security exploits, bios tools, and crytography. Also features book reviews on assembly programming and computer security.

HATE (Hackers Against Tyranny Everywhere)
Anarchy, HAcking, Phreaking files for newbies.

Moloch Industries
A New York hacker group.

Netric Security Team
Netric Security Team. Research site containing papers, tools, shellcode, exploit code, advisories and team projects. Portions are in Dutch, however the majority is in English. Majority of code available is written in C or asm.

Nomad Mobile Research Centre
Hacker lab engaged in vulnerabilities research. Security papers, full disclosure advisories and current projects. Also features a FAQ on hacking techniques.

Progenic Security
Security advice and exploits.

Pulhas WebSite
A collection of current hacker news articles.

Synnergy Networks
Security research site with quality papers and exploits

Toxyn Technologies, Inc.
Hacking related group.

SoCal's hacking group. Canadian free since 1999.

TwistedinterneT ServiceS International Inc.
TwistedinterneT ServiceS International Inc. - Serving the Underground since 1994. Underground Hacker site with an extensive archive and library.

Organization dedicated to the research and demonstration of vulnerabilities in network services and communication security. Offers papers, security tools, exploit code, advisories and a discussion forum.

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