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Amini, Pedram
Pedram Amini's current projects, research, and code.

Archibald, Neil
Neil Archibald's programming and security blog,information about Neil Archibald, programming, security and other information technology related subject matter. Neil Archibald's personal blog about computer security, programming and related information technology subject matter.

Ðara, Rishabh
Hacking Tools, Exploits & Ebooks

Member of the Eleventh Alliance Development Team.

Defensive Thinking
Hacker Kevin Mitnick's security consulting / training firm.

Free Lamo
Forums, donations and support to Adrian Lamo (the "homeless hacker") defense fund.

Hosey, Roger
Security Tools and Guides by WhiteHat Hacker / Security Consultant Roger Hosey.

Kevin Mitnick
This is the Official Kevin Mitnick Web Site and contains news directly from Kevin, the most notorious hacker ever to be captured. Find out the truth behind the media hype from the man in the center of the controversy. Web page created, maintained updated by Kevin's friends. Ex-hacker who was previously imprisoned for computer and wire fraud violations. Site now includes news, articles and interviews, official documents, and commentary on Mitnick's unfair prosecution.

Information about computer security and networking, programming and vulnerability research, telephony and communication protocols, cryptography, steganography and privacy. Main topics include penetration testing, security auditing, vulnerability and risk assessment, firewalling, vpn and ids. The author presents his projects, papers, exploits, proof-of-concept code and configuration templates. A big collection of links is also present. Provides information on computer security research, privacy, and hacking. The author presents his projects, exploits, papers, code, and configuration templates.

Ritter, Ben
Personal home page of Ben Ritter, who is also known as skape.

SecureAustin Tools/Services
HD Moore-security consultant, programmer, expert in web security.

Space Rogue
Personal web site for famed hacker Space Rogue. Website of former member of L0pht Heavy Industries and editor of the Hacker News Network. Biography and articles.

Founder of Collusion Group.

Wandtke, Kamil
Scripts, Programs and Tutorials by Kamil Wandtkw (aka "taoo").

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