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Results 1 - 20 of 22 found in Phreaking: FAQ Newsgroup FAQ offering group details and brief overview on phreaking in the UK.

America's Least Wanted
Obscure information for the curious hacker and phreaker. A compilation of technical manuals, tutorials and other publications on various topics and devices of interest including coin acceptors mechanisms, bill validators, automatic teller machines, and telephone systems.

Art of Hacking
A site dedicated to the pursuit of technical knowledge - hacking, phreaking, Caller ID and more!. Fixer's Box review which reviews the usefulness of the various phreaking boxes, original files, Beating Caller ID FAQ and The Vancouver Island Payphone Mapping Project.

Cell Phone Hacks
Cell Phone Hacks Index Cellphone Mods andRing Tones for Nokia cellphones. Mod chips, lighting cases and logohacks, screensaver settings, Denial of service attacks for SMS phonesfind hardware for your cellular phone. Mobile Phone Hacking by Connectyour Nokiaphone to your PC. Mobile phone hacking and phreaking discussion forum covering hacks, tricks, and service mods.

DATU Today
A site dedicated to the art of Direct Access Testing Units.

Default Radio
Default radio and zine

Hack Canada
Hack Canada : The source for Canadian hacking, phreaking, freedom, privacy, and related information. The source for Canadian hacking and phreaking. Text files, links.

Nettwerked. Based in the 780 area code, contains K-1ine zine, information on the FLEX paging protocol, Elcotel payphones, various original text files and as well as an archive.

NetworkPunk is a group of Australian Hackers and Phreakers dedicated to providing up to date content to the Australian Hacking Phreaking community. Virus Source Code, Tutorials, Downloads, Forums, Chat. Australia's biggest Hacking and Phreaking company.

Old Skool Phreak
A website and weekly radio show dedicated to hacking and phreaking.

Payphone Directory
The Pay Phone Directory has numbers for over seventy thousand pay phones. It also has phone related pictures and sounds, and other useful pay phone information. Thousands of pay phone numbers in the United States, Canada, and other countries. FAQ, About the different kinds of payphones, pictures, recordings, news, discussion board and links. :: phreaking portal for Belgian and European phreakers. european phreaking portal. phreaking information for the different european countries.

Features AutoCAD schematics of box plans designed to work mainly in the Caribbean.

phreaking aus
phreaking australia. Text files, downloads, ezine, prank calls, forum, pictures, links.

Phreaks and Geeks
Text files, scans, zine, tones, and downloads.

The first internet search engine for domain offers, which are for sale. We have over 1.500.000 domains in our database. If you have domains/URLs to offer, place your free ad here!. New age phreaking site focusing more on the exploitation of today's technology rather than things of the past. Updated frequently.

Raving with Captain Crunch
Souvenirs after tagging along with notorious retired phreaker Captain Crunch to a rave.

Street Tech
Archive of categorised UK designs and general information along with current news.

The Grasshopper Unit
Many text files on various topics, urban exploration, scans, pictures, links.

The Synergy Terrorist Supply Shop
Your source for over 1,500 controversial books, t-shirts and assorted terrorist devices. Sells interesting telephone accessories as well as controversial merchandise.

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