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ANTs Software
Software to speed up database transactions. Product information, benchmarks, and white paper.

Brain Murmurs
Research and development in software for parallel computers.

DeVita Associates
Distributor of Beowulfs and custom failover cluster systems. Product information and white papers about clustering.

Dolphin Interconnect
Scalable Coherent Interface adapter cards, bridge chips, switches, and Beowulf kits. Product information, whitepapers, benchmarks, and drivers available for download.

Develops, markets and supports high-performance storage networking products for Intel-based server clusters.

KAI Software
Compilers to parallelize software using OpenMP. Product information

Midwest Technology
Midwest Technology provides previously owned IBM SP2 and RS/6000 systems.

The Multitude Corporation is setting a new parallel processing standard revolutionizing the supercomputer industry. Designs massively parallel computers. DANCE compiler available for download.

Myricom Home Page. All about Myrinet, the high-speed, low-latency interconnect used in the world's premier cluster-computing systems. High-performance networking for cluster communication. Sells interconnect hardware and provides open-source message passing software. Product information, benchmarks, and links to customer research projects.

Network Computing Services
netASPx delivers integrated applications that facilitate internal business processes. Provides a variety of capabilities for its customers, including shared-computing services on some of the world's most powerful High-Performance Computer (HPC) systems available in a commercially accessible network.

Pacific-Sierra Research - High Performance Group
Provides high performance computing products and services.

Pallas - Ausgezeichnete Internet-Sicherheit und Sicheres Hosting. Compilers and developers' tools for high performance and parallel computing.

ParaStation, the new generation in cluster communications- and management software. Builds parallel computing clusters from commodity hardware using a high performance communication subsystem. Information about products, downloadable manuals, research papers.

Platform Computing Corporation
Platform Computing delivers intelligent, practical enterprise grid computing software and services that help organizations plan, build, run and manage grids by optimizing IT resources. Offers distributed computing software for workload management, job scheduling, resource sharing across clusters, file transfers, and provides insight into the performance of distributed resources. Product information, events, and manuals.

Sells Alpha and Intel-based clusters, workstations, and high-performance network cards. Product information, papers, and online price quotes.

Southwest Parallel Software
SPSoft provides high-performance and high-throughput bioinformatics software solutions on general-purpose computer systems.

The Portland Group
High-performance Fortran, C, and C++ compilers and tools for high-end computing systems and X86 processor-based workstations, servers, and clusters. PGI is an independent supplier of high performance scalar and parallel compilers and tools for workstations, servers, and high-performance computing systems.

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