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Animatronics - The Web Site. Pictures, movies and information about animatronics. Includes information on the mechanics, electronics, and programming of modern animtronic systems.

Brotron Weapons
Giant Robots and Atomic Weapons, Brotron Death Rays - Space Robots - Atomic Age Sculpture - Artist Greg Brotherton - Metal Sculpture. Giant robots, atomic weapons, Brotron death rays, and other atomic age sculpture by artist Greg Brotherton.

Miniature Robotic Actors Exist
Robotic Actors built by Carl Pisaturo. Pictured and described.

The PumaPaint Project
PumaPaint and Internet Accessable Robot. Matthew Stein's well-known telerobotic painting system. PumaPaint features an online Puma 560 robot that can be controlled by web visitors and used to paint pictures.

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