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1337 Robotics
This site houses 1337 technologies: 1337 Robotics - Mobile robotics & robot kits. 1337 Web Design - Professional web design. 1337 Software - Custom software written to your specifications!. Descriptions and photos of robotics projects created by MrZebra, Mandark and Graz. Site also includes a resource listing and a tutorial on ultrasonics.

Al's Robotics The portal for the robot fans. Information on many robots including fighting robots and beam robotics.

Mike Joyce's construction journal describing his progress on a full size replica of the "Lost in Space" B9 Robot and other, homebrew robots.

Brad Lewis Robot and Telerobot Information Page
Brad Lewis Home Page. Brad's home page is also a robotics portal site that specializes in telerobotics, microcontrollers, and robotics programming.

Bryan's Robotics Journal
This web site describes a framework for robotics that decouples the choice of software tools from the hardware. Weblog detailing Bryan's experiences designing and building his robot.

CESAR - Computer Executed Semi-Autonomous Robot
This site is about CESAR, a semi autonomous robot built by Zack Anderson. It is controlled by a laptop computer and uses sonar for obstacle detection. A computer controlled robot built from a child's riding toy. It uses sonar for obstacle avoidance.

Christian Ristow
A builder of robotic kinetic art. Site includes bio, photos, and information on shows.

DaVinci Robotics Educational Foundation
Learn about the group's various robot projects. Also includes advice for those who wish to build robots.

Photos and descriptions of the author's projects and robots, many of which are Lego Mindstorms-based.

Four Legged Walker
ScottBot is a four legged autonomous walking robot, with three degrees of freedom per leg. The legs are machined from alluminum, and the base is made from acrylic. ScottBot has twelve servos in all, controlled by two Mini SSCs, which in turn, are controlled by a BASIC Stamp 2SX on a Next Step carrier board. Walking robot using a BASIC Stamp 2SX and two Mini SSC servo controllers to control 12 servos.

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