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ADVOCATE is an open, modular and generic software architecture for autonomous robotic systems diagnosis and control. It allows easy integration of innovative, reliable and tested AI techniques into existing robots. European IST project whose goal is to design an open, modular and generic software architecture for autonomous robotic systems diagnosis and control.

Australian Centre for Field Robotics
University of Sydney group concerned with the application of advanced control, sensing and systems engineering principles to the development of autonomous machines operating in outdoor, variable and hostile environments.

Australian Research Network in Robotics
Aids the sharing of resources and ideas between robotics groups in Austraila by summarising current projects and facilities throughout the country. Site also has a list of robot-related events.

Automation and Robotics Research Institute
ARRI is a University of Texas at Arlington research group specializing in design, analysis, simulation (discrete-event and kinematic) and prototype development of automated assembly, process, and material handling systems.

Autonomous Undersea Systems Institute
AUSI is a not-for-profit research institute focused on promoting commercial applications of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs), platforms and sensors.

Biomimetic Underwater Robot Program
Northeastern University Marine Science Center program sponsored by DARPA and ONR. Focuses on autonomous underwater robots. Biomimetic neurotechnology is being used to create Lobster and Lamprey Robots.

BU Intelligent Mechatronics Lab
Boston University group that specializes in medical robotics, structural dynamics, and mobile robot communications.

Caltech Robotics Group
Research topics include sensor based motion planning, robot locomotion, control theory, medical robotics, and modular robots.

Center for Distributed Robotics
Located at the University of Minnesota, research includes the coordination and deployment of multi-robot teams in various applications.

University of Maribor Institute of Robotics
Robotika, robotics, microcontroller, mikrokrmilniki,regulacije, controll, DSP. Research is divided into three groups: industrial robotics, kinematics and simulations, and power electronics.

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