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Alkasis Software
Affordable and simplest HoneyPot server system, powerful solutions. Manufacturer of the PatriotBox HoneyPot server.

Florida Honeynet Project
The Florida Honeynet Project is a not for profit, all volunteer organization dedicated to honeynet research.

HoneyNet Project
A community of organizations actively researching, developing and deploying Honeynets and sharing the lessons learned.

Honeynet Security Console (HSC) provides high quality security tools. HSC is an analysis tool to view events on your personal honeynet. View and correlate events from Snort, TCPDump, Firewall, Syslog and Sebek logs.

Brazilian Honeypots Alliance. Brazilian Honeypots Alliance. Includes tools to summaries honeyd logs, (A perl script which emulates the backdoor installed by the Mydoom virus), and an OpenBSD LiveCD Honeypot.

Independent overview of whitepapers, articles and howto's related to Honeypots, Intrusion Detection Systems and Incident Handling. Information covering intrusion detection and prevention systems, research and production honeypots, and incident handling. Also provides general overview of network security issues.

Honeypots: Monitoring and Forensics Project
Techniques, tools and resources for conducting Honeypot Research and Forensic Investigation. White papers include monitoring VMware honeypots, apache web server honeypots, and VMware honeypot forensics.

Honeypots: Tracking Hackers
White papers, mailing list and other resources related to honeypots.

KFSensor: Windows honeypot
Kfsensor is a windows based honeypot intrusion detection system (ids). it acts as a honeypot to attract and detect hackers and worms by simulating vulnerable system services and trojans. kfsensor is designed for use in a windows based corporate environment and contains many innovative and unique features such as remote management, a snort compatible signature engine and emulations of windows networking protocols.

LaBrea Tarpit
A program that creates a tarpit or, as some have called it, a "sticky honeypot".

Linux Kernel Patches
Kernel logging patches for the honeynet project.

SCADA HoneyNet Project
SCADA HoneyNet Project: Building Honeypots for Industrial Networks (SCADA, DCS, and PLC architectures).

The Distributed Honeypot Project
The goal of this project is to organize dispersed honeypots across the Internet and share findings with the security community.

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