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Advanced Countermeasures
Offers services in locating electronic eavesdropping devices through electronic detection and manual inspection. Serves the Midwestern US.

Aegis Intelligence
Edinburgh based company staffed by former CID Officers, specialising in investigations, surveillance and debugging. Security consultants specialising in technical surveillance countermeasures, information security and corporate investigations. Based in Scotland.

Artemis Security Solutions Ltd
Artemis TSCM is a corporate technical security consultancy specialising in counter measures against economic and industrial espionage, sophisticted in application and designed to protect the clients interests. Offer counter-surveillance sweep and inspection services. Details of services, equipment used and company background. Based in London, United Kingdom.

Audiotel International
Manufacturer of counter surveillance electronics including harmonic receivers, junction detectors, bug and mobile phone detectors and cable checkers. Located in Corby, United Kingdom.

Communication Security Inc.
Technical surveillance countermeasure services. Bay City, Texas.

Computer Security Solutions, Inc.
CompSec specializes in providing the US Federal Government with PC, notebook, and videoconferencing security solutions. Solutions include TEMPEST, Zone, EMI/RMI, and secure (encrypted) modifications to leading COTS manufacturers such as Polycom, HP, Cisco and IBM. Offers computers, peripherals and PDAs secured to TEMPEST standards. Product specifications. Based in McLean, Virginia, USA.

EED Co, Inc
EED Co., Inc. offers expertise in bug sweeps, debugging, electronic countermeasures, counter surveillance, electronic security, TSCM, technical surveillance counter measures, encryption, & telecommunications monitoring. Offer counter-surveillance sweep services. Tools used, credentials and contact details. Based in New York, USA.

Executive World Services
Executive World Services specializes in technical surveillance countermeasures (TSCM) , electronic eavesdropping detection, sound masking environments, and information security worldwide to US based corporations and affiliates. . Assistance to business and government in the detection and nullification of electronic information theft and eavesdropping systems. Braselton, Georgia.

Granite Island Group
Granite Island Group is the International Leader in Technical Surveillance Counter Measures, Telecommunications Security, Counterintelligence, and Technical Security Consulting. Telecommunications security, counterintelligence, and security consulting. Based in Massachusetts.

Hetra Secure Solutions
Designs and manufactures low emission computer systems and peripherals secured to TEMPEST standards. Product specifications available in pdf format.

International Procurement Services Ltd
Electronic counter measures, security search, counter surveillance and anti bugging from IPS. Electronic counter measures sweeps in the United Kingdom.

SST Limited
Counter-surveillance sweep services. Also offer various electronic surveillance, counter-surveillance and protective equipment. Based in Purley, Surrey, United Kingdom.

Technical Security Consultants Inc.
Technical Security Consultants, Inc. speicalizes in electronic countermeasures (debugging) for large and small corporations to determine how information is being compromised or lost. Services in the areas of electronic countermeasures and protection of proprietary information, training and seminars. Carrollton, Georgia.

The National Cybercrime Training Partnership
Training law enforcement in electronic and high-technology crime.

Specialist TSCM, debugging, encryption and technical surveillance countermeasures services, equipment and training to combat the threat of electronic espionage and illegal electronic eavesdropping, telephone tapping, bugs and wiretaps. Distributor of high quality countersuveillance and privacy protection equipment and products. Specialized training courses and workshops for corporate and government personnel. Debugging and eavesdropping detection training and services. Based in South Africa.

TSCM Technical Services
Eavesdropping Detection, Electronic Espionage Prevention and Countersureveillance Services . Security consulting service dedicated to the detection of eavesdropping and electronic surveillance.

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