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Unzip Files, unzip utility, zip files. Easy to use shareware tool for unzipping and installing your downloaded Internet files.

Command-line and Windows shell utility for manipulating ZIP archives. Supported formats: ZIP, CAB, RAR, GZIP and TAR.

Archive Comparison Test
Archive Comparison Test (ACT) 2.0 is a set of benchmarks designed to show the state of the art in lossless data compression. A set of benchmarks designed to show the state of the art in lossless data compression, by Jeff Gilchrist.

FilZip 2000
FiZip. Try a great, free ZIP program (ZDNet). FilZip Homepage. Free application to handle a variety of archive file formats, including .ace, .arc. arj, .cab, .gz, .lha, .jar, .rar, .tar and of course .zip. (Win 9x/NT/2000/Me).

FlyZip - Elegant Algorithms
New patent pending data compression methods. FlyZip XR data compression utility for Palm OS.

GZIPSite Website Compression
Software development. Tool that can help you make static HTML websites run 50% faster and save 50-80% of the bandwidth.

Impact Labs Inc.
Develops Windows based compression and encryption software used for still images, documents, and streaming video.

JET-Software, a software house in Germany, with products for mainframe, midrange and mini systems. Software house in Germany, with compression products for mainframe, midrange and mini systems.

Maximum Compression
The maximum compression site features benchmarks designed to show/test the best lossless data compression software. Aims to show the maximum achievable compression ratio for several filetypes (text, executable). The best 80-100 programs for every filetype are shown in a table indicating compression ratio and switches/options used to achieve that compression.

Official RAR archiver site
ROG GmbH specializes in businesscontinuity planning, contingency planning and risk management and analysis.ROG solutions and consulting services help you develop disasterrecovery plans. Downloads, Support, Tips, Tricks and Tools. The RAR format, like the other newer formats (bZip, and SIT) compresses files better than the popular, but older Zip algorithm.

Quantization, Compression, and Coding Library. C source code freely available.

RAR/WinRAR support site
WinRAR provides the full RAR and ZIP file support, can decompress CAB, GZIP, ACE and other archive formats. A support site for RAR and WinRAR archivers.

WinRAR Archiver Registration Site. Offers downloads, support forums and registration for RAR compression tools.

RICAZip is a family of software products for lossless image compression. Designed for use in scientific and technical areas by professionals who require best/original quality images for archival or distribution. High performance lossless image compression applications, utilities and libraries.

SolutionSoft Systems, Inc.
E-Space, compression software for online archiving and disk space management.

Tomeraidit - the Tomeraider Pre-processor helps to convert HTML, files, folders and offline websites to compressed Tomeraider format. Creates compressed TomeRaider files, allows unsurpassed text compression (45%-60%), plus TR files are portable between platforms of Windows, PDA (palm, pocket PC or psion).

Video Compression Components
Discover the benefits of using third party components for your next development project. If you're a product manager, then you know about project deadlines and coding until midnight. But did you know that there are solutions available to you in the form of third-party components that can drastically reduce the amount of time your team spends programming?. Third-party video compression software components for programmers.

Home of the Enhanced E Editor, ShowTime/2, WarpZip and the SFX Installer for OS/2 Warp. Data compression utility for the OS/2 family of operating systems. Extensive drag and drop implementation and speech enabled utility that deals with "zip" and OS/2 "packed" archive formats.

Relative new though already used on many sites. When compared to WinZip the most important advantage of WinAce is better compression.

WinRAR - deutsche Download- und Supportsite
official RAR / WinRAR - Registration Site; download, support and tools for RAR and winRAR; online registration - WinRAR is a powerful archive manager. You may use it to backup your data and reduce the size of email attachments, decompress rar, zip and other files downloaded from the Internet and create your own file archives. German site for WinRar.

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