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Compiler Construction with Minijava
Provide a resource on the process of creating a modern compiler. This site will provide useful resources on lexical anaysis, parsing, abstract syntax tree generation, and typing checking for the Minijava grammer.

Compiler Jobs
Compiler Jobs for Compiler Developers. Compiler job openings at companies and universities.
Search engine and directory on compilers. Directory, search engine of compiler-related sites. People, books, papers, publishers, decompiling, generators (scanner, parser, backend), translators, compiler compilers, courses, tutorials, library, FAQ, free, companies, tools, mail list, survey/poll.

Nullstone Corp.
Makes NULLSTONE automated compiler performance analysis tool, uses QA approach of coverage and isolation to measure effectiveness of compiler optimizer to perform wide range of optimizations.

TASKING home page - Making embedded software development easy. TASKING is a world-leader in compiler and debugger technology for embedded software development. Supplier of software development tools for embedded microcontroller and digital signal processors applications across industry standard computing platforms.

The Compiler Connection
A Resource for Compiler Developers and Those Who Use Their Products and Services. A comprehensive listing of compiler companies, compiler research projects, benchmarks, and compiler job listings.

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