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2d3D, Inc.
2d3D, Device Driver Development, Software Outsourcing, Application development, Content Management, Embedded development. Device driver and embedded development.

alt software
An independent software development house specializing in device driver development. Also application programming, games porting, embedded OpenGL and networking.

Tools to build device drivers for Microsoft Windows operating systems.

Device Driver Expert
Harte Technologies develops custom Windows NT, 98, Windows 2000, and Windows XP , WDM , NDIS , and Kernel Mode drivers as well as firmware and diagnostic suites for embedded systems. 10+ years of experience. Specializes in developing kernel-mode drivers for Windows NT, 2000, XP, including WDM, USB, and NDIS drivers.

Driver Maker
For Windows 2000, NT 4.0, NT 5.0, and Windows 9x. Links to 36,000 Technical Information from Microsoft Knowledge Base, Link to Printer Driver's library JnKc@Msn.Com . Develop drivers for Win32 platform.

Hill Engineering Consulting
hill engineering consulting - specializing in the design and development of windows device drivers and real time firmware. We design software solutions for you. Specializes in the design and development of Windows, Linux and DOS device drivers and real time firmware.

Custom device driver development for PC telecommunications and embedded systems. Device driver development including display, audio, communications, digital imaging, telecom, and embedded systems software.

Jungo provides a complete software platform for home, SOHO, and SMB gateways and device driver development tools that enables developers to quickly create drivers that run on a multitude of operating systems without modification. Provides WinDriver and KernelDriver, device driver development tools, for Windows,Linux,Solaris.

Kernel Drivers
Kernel Drivers - Windows Filesystem & Device Driver Design. Offers design, implementation and testing custom Windows filesystem and device drivers.

NT Kernel Resources
Windows Packet Filter Kit for developing filtering/modifying communication applications. Also Windows 2000 undocumented kernel structures. Open source TDI firewall.

Pulse Train Software Ltd.
Custom device driver development and File System filter framework for Windows NT/2000/XP.

Toolkits, custom development, and training for Windows kernel driver development. Content in German and English.

USB Analyzer
A professional software-based analyzer for USB driver developers. It captures and analyzes I/O requests for all USB devices. Targets Windows platforms and USB 2.0 and 1.x.

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