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In 10 steps 2Dgame will guide you to a 2-dimensional parrallax-scroller with realistic physics, sound and music, events, enemies and weapons, all visualized in 640x480x16! The source-code which can be downloaded, can be used according to the General Public Licence. Ten step tutorial for programming a 2-dimensional parrallax-scroller with realistic physics, sound, and music.

2DNow - A community site for independent and amateur 2D game developers. A forum for people interested in independent 2D game development. - Half-life, quake, unreal, general game programming and modding web site. Includes articles and tutorial covering many different games and game engines, forums and downloads. A game community driven game programming and modding website. Includes tutorials and articles, downloads.

AI Wisdom - Game Articles & Research. Attempts to catalogue every game AI article ever written in game development books, magazines, and conference proceedings. All articles can be searched by topic, genre, resource, or date. It's a very focused site and a great place to find out what secrets game AI professionals have published.

Blitz Basic
A specialized version of BASIC designed specifically for game development. Includes features like custom types and functions. Code is compiled before execution to speed things up.

Borland C source code examples for games, graphics and sound. C, C++, Assembly source code examples for games, graphics, and sound.

CFXweb - Demo and Game Development
Demo and Game Development. Daily news, articles, art gallery, downloads, games, demos, demo scene news, forums, online irc clients, and source code. is a game development website that provides resources, articles, tutorials, projects, source code, daily news updates, and an active forum!. A game development website that provides resources, articles, tutorials, daily news updates, and forum.

DIV Design Studio
DIV Arena - Home of DIV Games Studio - the easy to use game creation software package. Make your own retro style games now!. Community site for programming with DIV.

East Coast Games
East Coast Games is aa place to read the varied works of Forest J. Handford from Game programming to science fiction writing. training new programmers and to making great games, tutorials on C/C++, Java and DirectX, several games written for Windows (freeware).

Exaflop is a high quality programmers resource offering documents on a wide range of subjects. Particularly extensive are those sections relating to graphics and games programming. A programmers' resource with extensive resources related to graphics and games programming.

Find articles, coding techniques, news, and interviews relating to Game programming. A fair number of specific tutorials as well.

Fy Software
Game developement, tutorials and sources. C++/OpenGL and Win32.

The Art and Science of making Games.

Game Developer Magazine
A monthly publication that delivers technical, how-to articles

Game Tutorials
Over one hundred tutorials in C/C++ for the beginning programmer. is the leading resource for game developers, featuring daily news updates, over 1500 featured articles and tutorials, dozens of game development jobs, and the most active game development forums anywhere!. Featuring a huge reference library and weekly interviews of professionals inside the industry. Participate in a public game development project.

Open source games, tutorials, game cheats and reviews.
GameProgrammer.Com is a place where game programmers and developers with all levels of experience meet to help each other learn. Game and graphics programming articles of interest to game programmers with all levels of experience.
Game Programming Tutorials. Game programming tutorials, codes, news, forums, links and related downloads. Containing Direct3D and Win32 SDK Tutorials.

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